Be unique

Reflect on what it means to you to be ‘unique’ because unique will always be interpreted differently. It’s about mindset, relying on yourself so that you stand out and being confident in your abilities.

Be unique and bring your own values into focus, relating to others through your set of values. Think about what you want and determine your own goals. To be unique you need to stick with what you think, not what someone else wants you to think.

To stay unique, don’t run from your past, instead learn to embrace it. Where other people’s suggestions concur with your thinking, be open to their suggestions. It is important to be comfortable with who you are. Try out new things and continue to educate yourself so that you can emotionally and spiritually grow.

In a world where everyone is the same, choose to stand out and be unique. It’s okay to ignore what others say, unless what they say concurs with your opinions, because their opinions won’t always be what you want for yourself.

That shouldn’t matter, what matters is what you think.

31 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Be unique

  1. We are all born with unique traits and characteristics but tend to feel the need to conform to societal ‘norms’.

    Our opinions define who we are too, the only one that matters is our own.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you’re right we are. What I find sad is that we have unique traits and characteristics, but conforming to societal norms because others expect us to, means we will never get to know who we are.

      I had the other problem growing up. I spent so long in my own head through a disability I didn’t know I had, from a very early age, through my own beliefs, I continued to turn the mirror on myself.

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