Becoming better individuals

If we were to understand that we are accountable for what we put out there at the moment when our life is revealed to us, we would choose to use our words more carefully and behave in ways that are more appropriate, this side of life. Unfortunately, we don’t always stop to think about our lives in that way, but if we did we would learn to become better individuals, living better lives.

19 Feb, 2015

8 thoughts on “Becoming better individuals

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes of course and you’re right, how we live our lives is important to our happiness, but it’s also important to what happens to us when we reach the end of our lives.

      I’m not sure how many of us will really equate the importance of how we live our lives this side of life. I believe it’s important we get it right. Perhaps if more of us truly understood, maybe we would do things differently while we have the opportunity to change things.

  1. Too few of us understand that we are accountable and what goes around comes around. If we did, boy would the world be a different place!

    1. Absolutely! Yes it would. I believe both of these things. We are accountable and what goes around comes around, probably not when we would like it to happen, but it will happen.

      I agree with you that if we understood all of these things, the world would be a different place for us to live in.

  2. Very true! We should be conscious of the way we live our lives not just to strive for a happier life but to make sure that we are aware of how our actions will affect other people.

  3. Ilana, you’re thinking things all the way through; you’re looking at the bigger picture. You realize that the end of this life is actually the beginning of something we must prepare ourselves for.

    Some of us behave like no one is watching.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right; I live with that and many other understandings about life and why we should learn to live our lives in better ways. My blogs have become testament to how we can live our lives so that we become better individuals.

      I agree with your last sentence. I think the majority of us will go through life behaving in ways like nobody’s watching. The sad reality for those people is that many of them won’t realise or if they do realise, won’t open their eyes until it’s too far too late to change anything.

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