Being critical

I’ve heard it said, ‘don’t criticise what you don’t understand.’ When it comes to other people’s problems it seems easy enough, but in practice it’s not what we do.

Instead we come in from a place of knowing, when in reality we know very little, when it comes to other people and what they deal with. We fall into a pattern where we have an opinion, we criticise, we assume, or we think we know.

We become less critical, however, when we walk in another person’s shoes and experience what they experience. When we come to experience the same things for ourselves we gain an insight into what that other people deal with, instead of thinking we know.

Sadly, armchair knowledge as it’s known is a dangerous thing. For those who practice it, most conversations will include their opinions restated as knowledge, whether their knowledge is correct. Isn’t it better to support and listen, rather than assume, be critical, or think we know what other people deal with?

We help by listening and allowing others to talk freely, instead of us coming in from a place of thinking we know, when we don’t really know.

5 Dec, 2017

4 thoughts on “Being critical

  1. Some folks are insecure, so they make noises to feel taller than you, to criticize no matter how annoying and ridiculous they are; it’s kind of crazy, literally.

    1. You’re a gentleman Tim. Having lived a lifetime with someone insecure I know how that works, sadly.

      It also depends on how much noise they make and for how long. Sadly, it’s abuse when we’re continually on the receiving side of their critiques.

  2. I think those that are extremely critical and have the ‘holier than thou’ attitude will regret being that way at some time in their lives, due to karma. I used to be compared to a duck.

    I would just let things roll off my back, like water rolls off a ducks back. I don’t pay attention to the critical stuff. Some of it can be something we need to hear, but most of the time it is just criticism.

    You’re right, people don’t know your story.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes, I feel for you. it’s a sad world we live in. I think it’s easy to let go of some people’s criticism, but personally I’m not convinced we let go of all of it.

      Unconsciously, we’re still affected by what we hear if it’s sad often enough. I think it cruel when any child is faced with the kind of taunts you were faced with Lisa and wonder how parents got this totally wrong.

      Children learn from their parents, therefore we must lead as an example. The world would be better, we would all be better with each other if we were taught, empathy, compassion and tolerance.

      Yes, you’re right. It’s my story. We each have a story and others must listen.

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