Being in a rut

Being in a rut isn’t funny particularly if the rut goes on, and on and on. And what may seem like something we can cope with, can turn into a nightmare when us being in a rut doesn’t leave. It’s something that we must think about and try to move on from, because being in a rut is bad for both our mental and physical health.

If you’re the kind of person that is always proactive, being in a rut is something you’ll not choose to familiarise yourself, but for those of us who tend to stagnate, being in a rut is something you might eventually want to steer clear from or will want to avoid altogether.

There are things we can do to alleviate being in a rut for too long, but to do that we must consciously choose to think about and deal with issues as they arise. It is important we learn to cultivate a heightened awareness and appreciation of any simple daily tasks we take for granted and the results they can achieve.

For example, place in your mind something that you do every day that you take for granted, like opening a door. At the very moment you touch the handle to open the door in that moment, solely think about the act of opening the door. Be mindful of where you are and how you feel. Perhaps you’re feeling nervous and you already know why you’re feeling nervous, rather than feeling happy or sad.

Being mindful allows us to hone-in on our thoughts so that we begin to appreciate the little things more. Being mindful, means we take control of how we respond to negative feelings and emotions. That way we will validate our feelings, and our feelings won’t own us.

11 Jan, 2019

4 thoughts on “Being in a rut

  1. It feels like I have been in a rut for most of my life, so it’s pretty much what I’m used to. I don’t normally think about whether there are ways out of it.

    My best friend has mentioned many times that I have a very bad habit of not only getting into a rut, but actually moving in and furnishing it. I know he’s kind of joking about it, but there is a lot of truth to it considering my history.

    Things like studying DBT has helped a lot with the mindfulness aspect, which keeps me in the moment and helps me to realize that I do have options, especially with the rut I have been stuck in for the past 13 years.

    My feelings haven’t really mattered, but at this time in my life I do have to pay attention to them and try to remember that I have the right to feel my feelings and enjoy my life for a change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’s a very long time to be in a rut. I hope that in 2019 you can make the changes you need so that you are able to pull yourself out of the rut.

      It is important to keep with the things that you know are helping, such as DBT. You do have a right to feel what you feel and to enjoy your life. Hopefully that’s something you can continue to work on.

      Your feelings matter, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. What a brilliant blog to help me start my day! Not letting my feelings own me, no matter how many loads I’m carrying.

    This is precisely why I read the Diary! Thank you.

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