Being judgmental

Having a belief gives us a focus and helps with self-esteem and confidence issues. Beliefs keep us grounded, give us a sense of purpose, a sense of being and help us to continue to stay focused.

That’s not the problem. The problem is that non-believers may begin to interfere with our beliefs in a way that can potentially cause conflict. Non-believers generally have little tolerance for those who believe and in doing so, become judgmental instead of being accepting of other people’s beliefs.

It is generally accepted that we’re different and will hold different beliefs. That is what makes us unique and it acceptable. What isn’t acceptable is not understanding, being intolerant, thinking we know, and then standing in judgment on other people’s beliefs and opinions.

We can bring our own thinking into any equation, but it’s not okay to have an attitude or being judgmental. That comes across as arrogance and has a connotation of passing harsh judgments in a condescending way that belittles those with their beliefs.

It has always been accepted that people will have their opinions and will therefore make their own judgments, but we should never be judgmental in our attitude towards others. Whatever our beliefs, judging others isn’t acceptable.

8 Jan, 2017

6 thoughts on “Being judgmental

  1. What a great blog. I wish more people would read this to understand each other and pass with the judgements.

  2. I really dislike anyone being judgmental, like they are in a position of superiority; it’s just not right. As you say we are all different and our beliefs are our own and shouldn’t be imposed on others.

    It’s about respecting others’ opinions beliefs and rights, sadly lacking in the world today.

    1. As you say respecting others’ opinions, beliefs and rights are sadly lacking in the world, in society, in our homes and relationships.

      It really is a shame because we should all be working together so that judgments are a thing of the past.

  3. Over the years, my conversations have grown more personable, but only with like minded people. I tend to keep my opinions to myself otherwise, to avoid the appearance of being judgmental.

    However, some people’s minds are buried under several feet of you know what.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, except I’m sure those people probably wouldn’t agree. We can give advice or an opinion to someone, or who we can stand in judgment on something someone is choosing to do that we don’t agree with.

      Unless we’re talking to like minded individuals, having an opinion or being judgmental with anyone else; would be like having a conversation with ourselves; that opinion or judgment would fall on deaf ears.

      I agree conversations must be personable.

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