Being open & transparent

It stands to reason that relationships work better when they’re based on us being open and transparent. It means we’re more likely to talk about the things that matter to the person or people we share our lives with, without hiding or leaving anything out.

Working in an open and transparent way, not only means we’re open to new ideas and thoughts, it also means we’re open to finding new ways to work, open to new people, open through communication, open and willing to listen to others without passing judgment on what they tell us.

Being open also means we’re more likely to engage people in conversation without drawing them into debate, but introducing dialogue instead. Being open allows others to come into our conversations, without us putting or needing to put barriers up.

When we’re open we’re not afraid to face challenges through others’ ideas. We’re open and will consider other people’s thoughts and opinions, we allow ourselves to mediate through wide ranging conversations.

Being open allows us to think about things, to hear our own voice and to speak our truth. Being open also allows us to be who we are, without pretending to others that we’re someone we’re not. Being open will bring us more peace, but decide to add transparency to being open and that’s even better.

Being open and transparent allows us to work in a way that naturally enables others to see what we’re doing. We’re more likely to discuss what we’re doing with others then. It also means we’re continually happy to let others know that we have nothing to hide.

Being transparent allows others to see how we are as a person. It allows us to be open and honest about who we are. With transparency, there is no façade and no thrills, no airs and graces; what you see is what you get and we’re not afraid to show it.

Being open and transparent is a state of mind, a lifestyle choice that incorporates our general behaviour and how we choose to behave, more than if we used any specific tool.

18 Mar, 2017

4 thoughts on “Being open & transparent

  1. We can all learn to be open and transparent in all our relationships. Too many people are secretive when honesty would be much more productive.

    I knew someone who thought the world was out to get him and that his whole persona was involved around trying to outdo others through his own distrust. That never worked and he lost out, both personally and in business.

    Being open and listening and taking others into account, brings peace and that is something we all deserve to have.

    1. I have always been this way. The site couldn’t run without it and although I know our environment and upbringing have a lot to do with it, but perhaps this is what we must work on.

      Your example shows how circumstances can lead to a world of distrust and given how things are, I know the world would and we would all be much better off, if only we learned a different way to be and act.

      It doesn’t take a lot to change these things. We just have to want to.

  2. As a man, I’ve learned to be open about my frailties, being more honest and forthcoming.

    That opens up hearts and paves the way for real dialog. I took my cape off long ago.

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