Being our own best friend

Although friendships can be key to our mental and emotional wellbeing, it’s easier dealing with obstacles and  challenges, life throws at us when we are our own best friend.

It’s easier when you can rely on your partner or your friends, but it’s even more important we rely on ourselves. We must learn to be our own best friend. There are many benefits to us being able to create our own internal support system, rather than rely on our partner, our spouse and family.

Our own internal support system is incredibly important, if we are to learn to be our own best friend, for us to like and love ourselves. It must happen without the ego. Everything starts and ends with us.

Without us appreciating ourselves, we can never appreciate and have harmony in our lives. It’s as simple as that. It is important we make peace with our past, and with ourselves, so that we learn to be happy with ourselves.

When it comes to a partner, a spouse and family, they can’t make us emotionally happy and where other people’s expectations of us can lead to disappointment and a breakdown in communication, there are benefits to us relying on ourselves.

When we fail to make ourselves happy, we will continue to look to blame others and make them the scapegoat, between what we feel and our past, and we will never come to terms with who we are, or what we go on to achieve.

14 Oct, 2020

2 thoughts on “Being our own best friend

  1. Being your own best friend means being responsible for your own happiness and above all staying honest and being truthful to yourself.

    We should all be our own best friend. After all, we’ll be a friend for life.

    1. Thanks. That’s right, and being your own best friend also cuts down on illness and disease. I have seen first hand what happens when we’re not.

      It’s what we need right now. Through soul work it can be achieved. Soul work is the process of bringing the essential self, the soul to life.

      Soul work begins when we unconsciously knowledge and allow the soul to move us towards wholeness.

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