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I have always believed that being born 6 weeks premature would lead to complications, but now my thoughts have been confirmed by a study, which was carried out at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

The study concluded that babies delivered from between 34-37 weeks would be more susceptible to risks of respiratory complications than those babies delivered from 38-40 weeks gestation. The study went on to conclude that with every week of advancing gestation, the risk for respiratory illness would be reduced.

I know through my own struggles that this is true, although it’s fair to say that other complications my also arise through being premature. For example, pre-term babies may struggle with learning difficulties. That is certainly true for me, although Cerebral Palsy, is also a contributing factor. Pre-term babies may also struggle with high blood pressure; Autism; Diabetes and Heart Disease. Hearing loss and vision may also be a problem.

Obviously that doesn’t mean to say that every pre-term baby will struggle with all of these difficulties, other factors I assume, would have to be taken into consideration too, as to how complicated the birth was; other problems at the birth etc, but the likelihood is that they will struggle more than babies who continue to full gestation.

It remains to be seen what happens when babies like myself, reach our golden years. There is very little research to suggest whether we will just have these kind of problems, or will these problems be part of a bigger picture in terms of how our organs continue to function and whether being born early will contribute or lead to more complications.

I tend to bring acceptance on facts. I find it hard to bring acceptance without a general understanding of what I deal with.  It’s just the way I roll. Always have.

11 Feb, 2011

16 thoughts on “Being premature

  1. I’ve always know that preterm babies have all kinds of problems and you’re right that there are some that don’t have any problems at all.

    I wonder if there is a factor to this, that they haven’t looked into. Why some have difficulties and others don’t. Is it because of certain prenatal care or maybe something genetic? I know of two preterm babies that were 24 weeks gestation. One has a pile of problems and the other doesn’t.

    The one that does has eating problems and CP and brain problems. I’m glad that you can accept your difficulties. I know some people struggle their entire life with these problems.

    You seem to do great and hope you continue to do well.

    1. Thanks Lisa… you’re right, some people do tend to struggle, but a supportive and a positive start in childhood will go some way to help them deal with what they have to, but probably not all. I personally don’t think prenatal care makes any difference and things do get picked up beforehand if there is a problem through scans.

      My parents had all of that for my sister and I before we were born. I think being born is a risk in itself as is being conceived. For me these would be high risk factors.

      In my case it was human intervention that got it wrong.

  2. I was very premature and small when I was born. I was only 2 lbs. 15 oz. I was born in November and was supposed to arrive in January.

    Does being a premature baby cause you to develop CP, or is it just an accident at birth?

    1. I believe there are more complications and risks being born prematurely and it is because of those risks that babies can go on to develop cerebral palsy. It’s only when babies try to crawl or walk or reach their milestones that their parents know for sure.

      I would think it’s not always easy to tell from birth whether babies have it or not, I was given the all-clear, but in some cases I would also think the signs are obvious through the various checks babies have.

  3. I was born at 24 weeks gestation and sent home 4 months later with a 2 week life expectancy. I’m 32 and discovering if in fact I do have Cerebral Palsy. The doctor already confirmed the brain damage.

    We just have to find out the physical difficulties I’ve had my whole life and link them together. I have an MRI scheduled for Mon the 14th. So we will see.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I too went through the same difficulties, not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy and finding out 7 years ago that yes that’s what I have.

      The Neurologist I went to see, although he wasn’t a Specialist in Cerebral Palsy, he did confirm my diagnosis through my MRI, but wasn’t able to verify all of my symptoms.

      I hope you have more luck. We would love to see how you get on. There is no doubt in my mind that is what you have. I hope you get to work some of your symptoms out too.

      1. I also wanted to find out if we can share or post our premature baby pics?

        I wouldn’t know if we’re allowed to do that on here and if we can I wouldn’t know how. But it would be intriguing to see everyone’s baby pictures.

        1. Awww thanks Bonnie. It sounds a nice idea, but the diary has always been a more personal writing blog, so there are no photographs on the site apart from my healthy recipes.

          I tend to put photographs on some of the other social media sites. We could swap photographs there and hope that’s okay.

          1. Today is my MRI scan. I’ll know or should know for sure on Friday whether it’s CP or not.

            Thank you for all your support.

          2. Good luck Bonnie. I’m routing for you. There is no doubt in my mind that you have Cerebral Palsy, given your description of what you deal with.

            We’d love to know your results.

  4. I had the MRI yesterday and I was reminded quickly when you told me the machine was loud! That hour felt like two!

    Thank you for your support. I’ll let you know Ilana what the doctor says on Thursday.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes please do, we would love to know how you get. Your wait is nearly over. At least you’ll know now. A big life changing moment for you.

      It was literally a life changing event for me. It took unanswered questions, anxiety and stress out of the equation and for the first time I feel as though I was able to move on with my life.

  5. Tomorrow I hopefully get a diagnosis. It’d be So wonderful to know ‘something’ and have answers.

    I had the MRI on Mon and the Radiologist told me it would take 2-3 business days for the Neurologist to get the report and results of my readings.

    1. There is no doubt for me given the description of your symptoms on your diagnosis Bonnie.

      Having got my own diagnosis late in life, I know how it feels to live in the ‘dark’ on not having one. Even though you can’t and won’t be able to do anything about it once you know, it will put your life back into context.

      I have always wanted to know. A lot of unanswered questions I constantly had as a child brought me to the right conclusion. It really does help fit that last jigsaw, which is our life and what we deal with.

      We all have a right to know, if we want to know. Good luck Bonnie.

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