Benefits of eating fruit

I am sure even if we consume little amounts of fruit; we’re all probably familiar and know how healthy fruit is. Fruit is packed with antioxidants, nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Fruit

  • Fruit contains antioxidant properties that helps protect our cells against free radicals that can cause cancer. Fruit can also help alleviate stress and other diseases;
  • Fruit is low in fat and contain next to no calories; is rich in fibre and vitamins and contain the good sugars which contribute to good health;
  • Fruit helps prevent the signs of ageing by helping to restore organs; tissues and cells;
  • An adequate amount of fruit can also help prevent conditions like colon cancer; Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Fruit also contains soluble fibre which helps control cholesterol and fats;
  • Fruit (such as blueberries) contain anthocyanins that help prevent the build-up of free radicals. They also help protect against cancer, ageing and infections.

Eating moderate amounts of fruit, allows us to enjoy life without having to worry about illness or disease. It also affords us the opportunity of living a more healthy, active life in the longer term. Eating organic fruit would be even more beneficial.

When we eat fruit every day as part of a balanced diet, it helps us keep our health at optimum level; something that will be beneficial to us as we begin to age.

29 Sep, 2011

4 thoughts on “Benefits of eating fruit

  1. Good information. I agree with all you’ve said.

    I don’t eat enough fruit. Occasionally I’ll be in the grocery store and get a craving for tropical fruit when I see it. I wish I was more diligent and could eat fruit smoothies more often.

    I do like cooked apples in the fall and winter months and peaches in the summer along with strawberries.

    1. Thanks Lisa. We can buy handy sized packs of fruit which are especially good for when you’re on the go, which are convenient and ready prepared.

      I also like cooked applies, peaches and strawberries. Sounds yummy!

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