Benefits of patience

Patience is essential to daily life and is the key to us having a happy, more tranquil life. Having patience means being able to wait calmly, it is important we make time to practice.

There are many benefits of patience. Patient people experience less depression, cope better in stressful situations, they also experience fewer negative emotions. They are more mindful; they have more gratitude and a greater sense of abundance.

Patient people will also have better mental health. They will feel less agitated by things than those who struggle to wait. People who are more patient are also more hopeful and more satisfied with their lives.

Patience is something learned. If your parents are patient you will be patient, and even if they’re not, it’s something you can learn. Patient people have more time for others, they are selfless, agreeable and kind. They are flexible and more likely to trust.

They are tolerant, likely to be more generous and show more compassion. Patient people also more likely to forgive quicker. Patience gives us sticking power which means we’re more likely to achieve our goals and less likely to give up.

Patient people are less likely to jump from job to job. They’re also more likely to have reduced stress. Patience protects against stressful damaging health effects.

9 May, 2020

4 thoughts on “Benefits of patience

  1. Patience is a virtue that I have had to develop. I feel like I have had to wait for pretty much everything in my life. It has helped tremendously in some ways to reduce my stress levels, but at times it has kept me from doing things that I wanted to do.

    Sadly, I grew up in a world where we had to wait for even the basic necessities, which meant we didn’t have the freedom of choice that others take for granted.

    I need to be patient because it is easy for me to get overwhelmed with simple things like choosing a cereal box in the grocery store. It takes a while for me to get used to having that option when you haven’t really had it before.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re right having patience does decrease our stress levels. Waiting for things and not expecting instant gratification is a good thing.

      More of us need to hone the patience skill. It’s good that you have acquired it Randy. Being patient and waiting for things helps us understand that there are more important things to life. Sadly, the more we want, the less patient we become at waiting for what we want.

  2. An old friend once told me that I taught her patience and humility, it was the best compliment I’ve ever received.

    But I think it’s more important for me to see it in myself, so I’ll certainly grab it the moment I see it again.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I think your friend saw in you what you didn’t see in yourself, perhaps at that time you weren’t consciously aware. I don’t think we always are.

      Although you and I have never met, I have come to know you through your words and your responses. We can learn a lot from what people say and how they say what they say and I believe she’s right.

      My spiritual side knows you have both of those in the bucket loads. Beautiful traits to carry, to have and to hold.

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