Beyond the imperfections

Being born with a physical condition I didn’t know I had, has allowed me to look beyond the imperfections, because physically I wasn’t born perfect. Life isn’t perfect, we are imperfect and flawed in so many ways, therefore we shouldn’t strive to reach for perfection.

When we can live and look beyond our own imperfections we will have a chance to be and stay happy. I believe happiness is a spiritual experience of living with love, grace and gratitude in our lives, for the things we have and for the things we choose to overlook.

When we can learn to look beyond the imperfections, we will have achieved greatly by letting go of the need to be or strive for perfection. Letting go of perfection and looking beyond the imperfections, will allow us to prioritise the important things in our lives. It is doing those things that will help us learn and grow.

19 Nov, 2014

8 thoughts on “Beyond the imperfections

  1. I used to be a perfectionist. Everything had to be in it’s right place and just perfect. I gave up on that and am happier.

    As I’ve gotten older, I realize there are more important things in life than perfectionism. My family comes first now and everybody is happier. Of course I’ve had to get my husband used to the idea that I don’t have to have everything just right.

    He’s afraid of doing things, because he’s afraid he won’t do it right. I tell him now that it doesn’t matter if it’s right. Just the fact that he does things for me is all I ask.

    1. Absolutely, thanks Lisa. Yes it’s difficult to break the habit of thinking someone is the same as they were, say a decade ago. You’ve clearly moved on and changed things.

      It’s often difficult for others to move on and change things, but hopefully in time it will come. The more your husband will see, the more he will know.

  2. The hardest thing in my life has been dealing with my imperfections, because I didn’t like being human!

    It caused me to make many impulsive decisions that compounded the guilt, shame and remorse that I felt. There are so many things that I don’t talk about, let alone even think about that still haunt me every day.

    People can judge very harshly so it’s not surprising that I have tried to bury them without complete success. Only now later in life, do I feel the need to deal with these demons head on before it’s too late!

    I know it won’t be very pleasant but I feel it’s important, so I can finally have some peace!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes you’re absolutely right. It is so important to work through those demons so that you can finally have some peace.

      I think we all know we’re not perfect, but it’s often the guilt we carry that makes us look at our imperfections even more and whereas we would normally be okay with some of our imperfections, the guilt we carry compounds our imperfections even more.

      Peace is something we all have to work towards. I hope you’re okay.

  3. The physical body is simply a shell that temporarily houses the actual person; it wasn’t designed to be perfect; its beauty lies within its imperfection. No one is perfect.

    I am just beginning to embrace my imperfections; I do not overlook them because they’re beautiful. Accepting who I am and who I am not is truly a liberating experience and I am work in progress.

    1. Love this Tim. Absolutely true. Work in progress is something we will all have at some point in our lives.

      With life’s ups and downs I feel it is inevitable.

  4. It’s difficult not to feel imperfect when living with a physical condition. Beside the physical issues that I face daily, I have to deal with the way society sees and treats me. Their ignorant perceptions of me make me feel more imperfect at times. I am slowly learning to accept myself with all my imperfections.

    When we try to achieve perfection, we are just making ourselves more unhappy. Because of the imperfections in our life we learn to appreciate the good things in our life more.

    1. Thanks Maria. I completely agree with your thinking. Absolutely! All I would say though is that you’re as perfect as the next person, even with disabilities.

      With or without disabilities I don’t believe anyone of us will conform to the description or definition of an ideal type. It’s just not feasibly possible to have everything perfect.

      Like you, I have also found that because of imperfections, we learn to appreciate the good things in our life more. I am humbled by my imperfections. They have made me what I am.

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