Big Egos

For anyone with a big ego, they love themselves so much they won’t worry about anyone else, but unlike someone with narcissist character traits, they also won’t set out to make your life a living hell.

Even though their views are grounded in reality, those with big egos are still full of their own self-importance. But we can emulate a sense of self with a small ego, but it’s better without.

But to find our true means we need to separate the mind that works from the ego mind. When we are not our authentic selves, we are linked to the ego-mind, the part of the mind that speaks for us.

The ego is the inner critic that gives us a list of reasons not to be our authentic self, and is the part of us that answers for us, the part that judges, the part that acts on impulse, and one that lists excuses instead of taking control of who we really are.

It is the part of us that listens without introspection, without bringing our authentic selves back into line, so we are answerable for our actions.


Where we don’t have the confidence, an ego can give us the confidence, to believe we can do the things we tell ourselves we can’t.

There is a place for it. But where we rely on the ego and it becomes our voice piece, it will in time come to dictate our choices and how we live our lives. The egos will change us, change our language, and will in time change our perceptions of how we see and interact with others and in the world. That’s not a good thing.

Working from the ego can be isolating, and soul destroying in the longer term.  Anyone wanting to get to know their ego, and becomes a conscious observer of their ego is looking at a game-changer.

6 Jun, 2021

2 thoughts on “Big Egos

  1. Yes, that is absolutely right and I agree, confidence is healthy, but too big an ego can ruin your career, and your relationships; obtaining control of our ego is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

    1. Thanks. Personally, I don’t and have never had an ego, but have known many people with an ego, and it doesn’t sit comfortably or pretty.

      Respectfully, I don’t think anyone with an ego understands from another perspective how it feels to live along side how they may present.

      But anyone who works from the ego will struggle to maintain a deep and meaningful relationship.

      The only relationship they have is with themselves.

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