While we feel bitter at the injustice, unless we deal with and move on from that feeling, it can turn into anger. We must decide how best to handle ourselves and our situation.

Bitterness is something we dwell on. It’s worse than anger, because being bitter means we’re helpless to do anything about feeling bitter. But we can be bitter and still have control. We must get past, and learn to see beyond the bitterness.

We must stand back and evaluate our circumstances and work out why we’re feeling bitter and why we’re feeling so detached. Not everything we feel is about us, but others make it about us.

We can’t turn back the clock on our circumstances or our experiences, but we can change the way we see our experiences and take action to move forward and away from the bitterness we feel. Being bitter not only eats away at us, but may also cause symptoms of trauma, low self-confidence and irritability.

To move on from bitterness always look at the bigger picture, the important facts about a situation and the effects of that situation, and don’t be distracted by the minor details.

30 Jun, 2019

2 thoughts on “Bitterness

  1. All bitterness starts out as hurt. I think the best way to regain some emotional balance is to abandon the resentment and anger.

    Otherwise we hurt ourselves more by prolonging the painful emotions surrounding bitterness. I have read that forgiveness is the cure for bitterness, but I believe that some actions and words are beyond forgiveness and don’t believe everyone deserves forgiveness.

    But we do deserve equilibrium and balance so that we can move on from the hurt.

    1. Thanks. We absolutely do. I also believe some actions and words are beyond forgiveness.

      It wouldn’t be for me to try to convince others, to accept what I know is true. As Margaret Thatcher, once said ‘The lady’s not for turning.’

      If others won’t accept any wrong doing, there is literally nothing we can do to change their thinking, but we can choose to decide whether we forgive.

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