Boosting immunity

We can boost our immunity through supplements, such as Vitamin C, but there is more to boosting our immunity than that.

In the past, conventional medicine has focused on drugs that destroy the ‘invader’ in one form of another, such as antibiotics, antiviral agents and chemotherapy.

Whilst there will always be and has to be a place for conventional medicine, the conventional route can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. For example, antibiotics can upset the balance of beneficial bacteria that’s normally found in the gut. Antibiotics can also harm the digestive tract.

So how do we boost our immune system from inside?

The simple answer is our state of mind = positivity, exercise and diet. We’re told that exercise is beneficial and it is, but what we’re not told is that if we do too much exercise it will suppress the immune system, decrease bone density, a contributing cause of osteoporosis and may also contribute to immunity issues.

Exercises like T’ai Chi and yoga help to boost our immunity. Anything that affects us, or we have trouble dealing with, or coming to terms with, also suppresses immunity and where we think we’re coping, our body tells us a different story. A key sign that something is wrong.

We have to learn how to cope and deal with what’s thrown at us, deal with psychological issues, but most of all learn how to relax. All these pointers help towards better immunity.

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15 Oct, 2010

6 thoughts on “Boosting immunity

  1. You’re right, positivity, diet, exercise and good mental health will all boost our immune system. I have a low immunity because of the problems I have. I take Ester-C and stay pretty healthy.

    I have bouts of allergies though, almost like a cold. I guess I need to start on some bee pollen for that. Washing our hands will also help us stay well. Next time you go to the grocery store or any place you push a buggy around, wipe off the handle. A test of them showed all kinds of germs including sperm!

    I guess some people never wash their hands and don’t think about what they spread to other people. I’m a stickler when it comes to hand washing, mainly because of being a nurse for many years.

    You’re also right about orthodox medicine. Many of the things doctors do and prescribe do make us sicker. I think the trend is moving toward more natural remedies and diet to help take care of medical problems or keep us from getting sick in the first place.

    1. Lisa I’m glad you found out what helps you stay healthy, that’s the key to good health. Stick with the winning formula.

      I do agree about washing of the hands, but statistically speaking, the world is over-washing their hands which means in the longer term we become more susceptible to problems as far as immunity is concerned.

      I feel the same about changing trends, but not everyone is informed of those trends. People still take the conventional route…thinking it’s the best way, but you and I know better!

  2. It’s weird how much emotions can really take it’s toll on someone’s health. That correlation always has amazed me. It’s definitely true though. Personally, I know I stress a lot over things I have no control over, but I’m getting slightly better at it. It’s progress in any regard!

    1. As the years have gone by and there has been more research done, Nutritionists specifically have worked out the correlations between us staying physically and mentally well… and I believe it.

      We all have to work with our emotions through circumstances we can and cannot control, but I think maturity, experience and life skills help us to some extent.

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