Bringing awareness

Bringing awareness to our emotions brings reasoning, where we didn’t have reasoning and where we have reasoning, we can work on change.

Bringing awareness helps us recognise and understand how our emotions will affect us, and how our emotions will help us interact with others and what impact our emotions will have on other people’s emotional state.

We must be conscious of our emotions, but that can be challenging for many reasons:

  • We come to experience more than one emotion;
  • Emotions constantly change from time to time depending on what we’re dealing with;
  • We block out our emotions particularly if they’re too painful;
  • There are times we need to become more aware of our emotions particularly when we’re under stress and being under stress means we’re more likely to ignore them;
  • We spend a considerable amount of time living in denial because we would rather not deal with our emotions.

Although being in denial may seem a sign of weakness to others, it’s often short lived because denial will manifest itself in other ways, if not dealt with. We may stall or ignore our emotions, but we will always have to deal with our emotions further down the line.

Being aware of our emotions is the first step to us changing our emotions and the first step to changing how we deal with our emotions.

11 Apr, 2016

4 thoughts on “Bringing awareness

  1. Awareness makes you wake up in the middle of the night and confronts your mind about things you thought you’d buried long ago. Maybe that’s why some people enjoy being dead, it’s safer, easier and it lessens the burden of being alive.

    But I have a strong desire for awareness until awareness makes me unhappy and before it becomes dangerous.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes that’s absolutely true, I believe awareness is something we need because it’s showing us a better way to be.

      Without awareness how can we better ourselves, change our lives, make things better, change what needs to be changed; change other people’s lives? Without awareness, we can never be aware and need to be. Being aware are our lessons in life. We evolve through being aware. We cannot exist safely without it.

      Where awareness makes us unhappy, we must come to understand why and then work to change. When we make ourselves aware we will instinctively learn to see and understand the pitfalls and then will come to change our circumstances so they become less dangerous.

      We opt out of life when we struggle with life, seeing death as a better option. It’s a shame when that happens, because we get one chance at living.

      We should want to and endeavour to do our best… because we’re a long time dead. We sometimes give up too easily.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly Ilana and great response. We get one life and when we do leave this world, I would like to leave it better.

    Better yet, be remembered as someone who didn’t give up, someone who fought for change, awareness and fought off the dark side of life. It’s so hard to fight off the dark, discouraging thoughts that creep in our minds but it is do-able.

    To focus on the love and to spread just like you do! To bring awareness and not be afraid to speak up about injustices that hit us personally or not. Does my response make any sense?

    1. Thanks Bonnie, yes your response does make complete sense and you’re right. Absolutely. The problem we have that where we aim to bring awareness, others do not and often don’t like the fact that we have.

      We’re not in a world where people are accepting of our differences. We tend to have to gauge whether it’s right to bring awareness or not. But if we can personally make a difference to people where we know us making a difference will be accepted then that is what we should do.

      I love your analogy. To be remembered for someone who didn’t give up, who not only fought for change and I would add for us both. To find and be accepted in a world that was not totally accepting.

      Thank you for such beautiful words. Even through what you deal with, you have a beautiful soul, bravely born and still wanting to make a difference for others.

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