Bringing understanding

We can’t erase the memories, but through our understanding and finding a place for those memories, we free ourselves of the bitterness. The memories brought about through other people’s actions are then remembered as a valuable lesson.

Letting go will never cancel out another person’s actions or the frustrations we have, but freeing ourselves of the bitterness attached to those actions, helps us bring about an understanding we didn’t have before.

Our life to the point of changing direction is as it is, it is fated. We’re born into our lives, but for a reason not always clear to us. It is not always clear to us why that is our life, but further down the line it can become clear.

Whatever we have to deal with doesn’t mean others are off the hook for allowing what we go through to happen, but where opportunities eventually arise and change happens, we can bring about an understanding and acceptance, where we may have struggled without.

There is no getting away from our experiences, but how much effort we put in to bringing about understanding will always allow for change. We must be instrumental that change.

29 Apr, 2017

6 thoughts on “Bringing understanding

  1. Our memories are long lasting and at the end of the day they are all we really have. So it’s better to find a place for the actions or words of others, than to harbour bitterness.

    Acceptance is important, but that’s not to say we forgive or forget, we just find a place for those deeds.

  2. In a charismatic way, you have you described our bizarre encounters with life, things we have to put up with, bring an understanding to.

    Perhaps the most effective thing to do is to get a little mindfulness inside of us; that’s why I’m on this site today.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’ve always thought it important no matter what I’m dealing with to bring a little bit of mindfulness into the equation. Honing in on my thoughts and using reflection for most of my adult life around what I had to deal with, brought me to a place where it’s constantly in use.

      Without using mindfulness I think it’s slightly more difficult to bring about a resolve on what we deal with. It’s usually us being mindful that brings about clarity in all situations.

  3. Yes, I wish the rest of the world and society would grasp the concept of understanding, at least make an effort at it.

    It’s really not that hard, but some claim it is. I believe the only control we have at that, is understanding for our own sanity and raising our kids to do the same.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes there’s always room for improvement on our understanding or at least trying to understand.

      I believe more of us know how to understand, but for one reason or another we’re not always in a good head space and can’t be bothered to work through our understandings.

      I think if more of us had empathy and tolerance, we would be more inclined to work through understanding too. When it comes to disability as you and I have experienced, there is clearly a lack of compassion and understanding.

      And as you rightly say it’s really not difficult. We just have to want to.

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