Bumps in the road

Whilst our life is made up of mandatory setbacks and bumps in the road, setbacks and bumps are ones we would probably rather not repeat.

It’s often the decisions that are made for us that act as potential setbacks, unless the decisions we make are the ones we make for ourselves. It’s others’ decisions that we abide by that are someone else’s life. Adapting into a life we didn’t instigate will always be our Achilles heel. They are our failings, shortcomings and imperfections as we eventually come to see them.

But perhaps we mustn’t come to rely on our lives being that way, without thinking about or looking for change. We mustn’t give up on ourselves, but instead must try to find a way through. We tend to give up at the first hurdle, because we’re not emotionally strong enough to hold out for something better.

We allow others to control our lives because it’s just easier that way, saves on the arguments, but even through those times we must never give up. In my own case, I was simply living my life from the sidelines waiting for the tide to turn and maybe that’s the point.

We may not always be in a position to change things when we want, so the bumps will always be inevitable, but if the bumps are part of our life, we don’t have to allow them to continue. We get to change certain aspects of our lives.

We must be prepared to look beyond what we know and what we see. We must be prepared to look for the opportunities, so that when they arise, we’re ready to act. Sadly for some of us by the time that happens, we’ve already given up.

2 Dec, 2017

6 thoughts on “Bumps in the road

  1. The bumps and setbacks are part of the paths set out for us. Unfortunately, for some reason some of us seem to have to walk those paths for longer than others and that can be difficult to understand.

    I agree that the more control we take, the more positivity we have, the better equipped we become to navigate those time.

  2. Thanks. Yes, you’re right. Those bumps and setbacks you mention will also help us emotionally and spiritually grow as long as we’re prepared to learn from them and that enables us to move forward.

    The sad reality is that we don’t always and that’s when we sadly continue to walk those paths. As you say, the key is taking control.

  3. This blog kind of reminds me as we learn from our shortcomings and failures and none of us want to repeat those times ever again, but sometimes those mishaps happen for a reason.

    As disappointing and frustrating as it can be, there is a reason why some of our dreams simply don’t work out. Perhaps another door is supposed to open, or something in our personal life needs more of our tending and attention at the moment.

    That’s kind of how I’m going with my life right now. Go with the flow and never forget to smile, even when we don’t want to.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I agree there is always a reason why. Sometimes those reasons are obvious, in front of us, but where the reason isn’t obvious, we must continue to try to understand.

      And sometimes we have no choice but to go with the flow, until something becomes obvious. Sadly all relationships and friendships include ties and that can sometimes make decisions even more impossible, which is why we tend to go with the flow.

  4. There’s a bald spot on my head where my hair used to be, from years of bumpy roads.

    But I’m resigned knowing that more bumps are on the way; it’s an intuition I have.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, stress has a way of affecting us physically and as we work through the ageing process it affects us even more.

      Life in general is made up of ups and downs that we must continue to work through. But I still continue to believe that the more positive we are, the more control we will have; the better the outcome will be.

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