Caring for the Planet

Over the past 18 months when we all retreated from the world due to Covid-19, through my writing I used that time to good effect. As a writer, I write about issues on my blog @TheCPDiary that affect us all; the issues that are out there.

Since I started writing 11 years ago, I am looking at a totally different world. I am struggling to wrap my head around what’s happening in the world, and the fact that generally we care more about ourselves, than we do the planet.

Now that we’re out of lockdown and the world has opened-up again, we’re taking more holidays and more flights to make up for lost time and whilst holidays are a welcome break, we also need to think about our carbon footprint in terms of climate change and what air travel is doing to the planet; but it’s not just flights. Countries are continuing to see significant change in seasonal weathers. Those are continually being reported on with scientists putting these changes down to climate change.

But there needs to be significant change from each of us. Certain governments are ignoring the problems and other governments are doing too little to sort the issues out presently. We’re failing future generations, by caring about ourselves, rather than thinking about the planet, the natural world and the effect our lifestyles are having on both. But the reality is that unless we care enough, there will be very little for future generations.

We are all responsible for the planet and we have to want to care and be a part of the change. Through global warming, we will continue to get sicker and die, and animals will continue to be become extinct. Where the natural world can continue to change and evolve, it won’t be the same for the human species.

This is clearly a subject that will divide, but even where it will divide, it doesn’t take away the facts; they shouldn’t be ignored. All the environmental and global issues I write about on my blog are real issues and we’re running out of time. Scientists couldn’t be clearer.

We need to be more mindful about how our lifestyles are affecting the planet, and change those lifestyles to protect ourselves and future generations.

29 Sep, 2021

4 thoughts on “Caring for the Planet

  1. Thank you for writing about these issues on your blog. Unless we conserve our planet’s resources we are borrowing them from future generations and that unsustainable. Eventually our borrowings are going to catch up with us.

    There are lots of simple lifestyle changes which we can do to help the environment such as cutting down on red meat consumption, being less consumer focussed and thinking about the impact of air travel, as you say.

    This is our responsibility; it starts and ends with us.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’re right. The impact we’re having on the planet does start and end with us.

      We still have time, but if we don’t act soon we will start running out of time. The issues with global warming need to start sinking in to effect any real change, The scientists are absolutely right; we need to do more.

  2. We need to focus more on saving the planet, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. People are living their lives, ignoring climate change issues, just like they are acting like the virus doesn’t exist, or the virus isn’t as bad as it really is.

    We act like everything is back to normal but in doing so, things will get much worse. There are countries trying to do the right things, but then we have other countries refusing to do so.

    Sadly people are refusing to do the right thing, even when it would save themselves and everyone they care about. Part of me is glad that I won’t be around to see how bad it’s really going to get.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes we do. I hope my blogs will bring awareness to some of these pressing issues.

      What you’re describing is true. We live our lives ignoring the facts, even though those facts are being highlighted. Scientists are talking about the issues. Governments need to listen to their advice.

      Just because we ignore the facts, doesn’t make what’s said non-facts, climate change is real; we’re beginning to see that through weather patterns and need to act now, by reducing our carbon footprints.

      Turning to the virus. Yes, incidences are still rising, although not as bad as in the early days. We need to use our common sense and continue with precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe. The science is clear. The vaccine alone can’t protect us.

      I don’t know what’s happening in other countries, but in the UK all restrictions have been lifted. It’s been referred to as ‘Freedom Day.’ People continuing to get sick from a virus they can’t see, is not freedom day.

      We need to do what’s right for us and limit our interactions and continue with precautionary measures, so that we may stay safe.

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