Cause and Effect

Cause and effect is defined as “noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.” –

No matter how we choose to live, karma is something we will eventually have to grapple with. Karma isn’t just something that happens when we cross over.

Intentions have consequences based on karma. It is the intention that fuels our actions that brings good or bad karma into future situations. Karma is there to teach us our lessons, it’s not there to punish us. But actions will always have consequences, therefore it is important to think about that as we go about our lives.

Thoughts and actions carry energy. What we think and act out on, comes back. Where we’re making decisions on behalf of others, those others will be affected, so it is important to make decisions that tie in with how the universe expects us to act.

As previously mentioned, Karma is the ‘Law of Cause and Effect.’ It is a law that relates to actions and fate. It is unbreakable. Karma is also linked to how we treat nature. If we continue to live without a thought as to how we’re treating nature and we continue to destroy the environment, we will pay heavily for it, because of the pollution we create.

We’re now seeing some of the cause and effect of karma, and it is our children and their children that will pay heavily for the price. Karma allows us to shape our future, so if we’re choosing to work with other people’s best interests at heart, karma will help our experiences be the best of what life has to offer.

For example, if others are working on behalf of others and their intentions are not honourable, karma will work against everyone, and that will affect you and what you’re trying to do. You only have to look at what’s happening in UK politics to see how cause and effect works.

20 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “Cause and Effect

  1. This is nicely explained Ilana. I have always believed that we reap what we sow through our conscious choices which I guess is the same as our karma.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I agree if more of us took the time to think about that, our relationships and the world would be better.

      I believe we do reap what we sow. It should come as no surprise to us, but sadly I feel it does.

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