Cellular Healing

It’s not always easy to understand how healing works in its entirety, but all form of healing starts in our cells at the cellular level. All negative thoughts and emotions are buried in our cells. Those may originate from trauma, unwanted patterns, memories, or deeply held personal beliefs, conscious or unconscious.

Each feeling or thought we have, creates a change in our body chemistry. Those changes create our state of health. When we are able to heal at a cellular level we become whole. By whole I mean the mind, body, spirit, and emotion working in harmony with the physical self.

It is when our cells are continually under fire through negative energy, that our cells change and illness sets in. The word disease comes from dis-ease, meaning we’re at unease with ourselves. When the mind is strong and free of concerns, worries and uncertainties, our cells can remain healthy. When we let stress in, our cells will always be under hostage.

As we grow and develop, our cells reflect how we feel. It is important when it comes to cellular healing we create harmony in the mind, body, and soul. Without balance and harmony in our lives, it can be difficult to keep ourselves healthy.

Our cells are renewed daily through the image of how we feel. For us to maintain wellness, and for our cells to remain strong, it is important to keep stress out and to continue to talk about how we feel.

When the emotions, mind, body, and spirit are healed at the cellular level, complete healing and wholeness takes place. We are all capable and we can all change ourselves, regardless of age, body type or health status.

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Source: https://www.my-holistic-healing.com

15 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “Cellular Healing

  1. You make some interesting points here, Ilana. Truthfully, not enough is known in society about cellular healing and how it works.

    However it works, it is clear that without us being on top of our emotional and mental health, it will be difficult to stay physically well.

    In Covid-19 it is becoming even more difficult.

    1. Thanks. I think you’re right. I also think that if we were to understand more about our emotions we would deal with them better.

      Before I started blogging about mental health through my blog @TheCPDiary, I knew a little, but didn’t know everything I know now. I work things out intuitively.

      I have also seen a loved one die too young; she was continually struggling with her emotions.

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