Challenges yet to overcome

There is no doubt that how we get to our struggles can stay with us. Anything that we get to deal with, can put a different slant on how we feel, whether it comes from a relationship with our parents, siblings and/or extended family.

Whilst others may have an opinion, they’re not the one with a life lived that should have been lived differently and if they were made to live a different life, like us, that would be for them to work through and reconcile.

As individuals, we have choices, it is up to us to think about and work through our challenges. Sadly, any challenges we have to deal with, will always make us think and feel differently about our relationships and how we got to that place.

If those challenges are allowed to continue, they can leave us irritated at the injustice, with those challenges yet for us to overcome.

3 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Challenges yet to overcome

  1. This is a timely blog Ilana, as I was thinking about this yesterday.

    Society seems to teach us to look at life and our lives experiences more through the lens of negativity, doubt, and regret, rather than positivity and confidence and the need to learn from those experiences and change. Our attachment to those experiences is what prevents us from learning and moving on.

    This is one of the many wonderful things about your blogs. Your messages of positivity reinforce we all have choices and that the decision to stay in past cycles and patterns is ours, and we can choose to positively change our perceptions about challenges past, present and future.

    1. Thank you, that’s kind. Yes, I grew up around negativity, but chose early on, to see what I dealt with positively.

      It is because I was locked in my own head for many years I have been able to do it. What I write comes from the universe, they are our ‘universal truths.’ I tap into it daily and it gives me the answers we need.

      I think if more of us did, the world would look and feel different and our challenges would be something we would learn to overcome.

      We all have choices and looking at society as a whole, we’re not getting that right. When you bring the ego in, you’re looking at different outcomes that will never concur with how the universe expects us to behave.

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