Changing for something better

There is no point in change unless you’re sure what you’re going into is better than what you have now. Never let yourself unconsciously believe you can’t change or that you’re not capable of change and that change is for others.

Don’t allow your past or your future to be limited by your circumstances. Stop telling yourself you can’t change. Instead of being afraid of what might or could go wrong, think about the things that could go right instead.

Change happens when you change your mentality. Having the wrong mentality is the reason we stay stuck; it is the reason we’re not comfortable with change and the reason why we shy away from it. But change doesn’t have to be drastic. Change can be small but significant steps to a better you, a better life.

The right change can lead you into a more peaceful mindset with people you choose to have in your life. Change can take you from an abusive relationship, into a calm relationship. Your convictions for change, must match your desires for change.

You must remain stalwart in your thinking, or you may never work through change. Instead you will settle for the life you currently have.

2 Dec, 2019

2 thoughts on “Changing for something better

  1. I have been through a lot of changes since March this year and those changes were definitely for the better.

    I was stuck in a very toxic and unhealthy relationship for 13 years, because I felt like I couldn’t change things. It isn’t an experience that I ever plan on repeating. It was the last one in a long line of those kind of relationships.

    Change was something I was always afraid of working through, as I grew up in a world where it happened so many times and it always ended up being a bad thing.

    I have had to focus on changing the things I know I can, instead of worrying about the things I can’t, or at least the things that aren’t easy to change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Your first paragraph sums up your response beautifully. I am pleased that you have incorporated changes in your life and that you have moved on from being in a toxic relationship.

      The childhood and environments we’re born into are usually the catalyst for us to repeat those kinds of behaviour, often without us realising.

      But through all of that I believe that as hard as it is to move on, changing our circumstance for something better is exactly what we must do. I’m so proud you’ve done it.

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