Changing your perspective

It doesn’t matter what lengths you go to in your every day, there will always be others who think what they think. It happens in every-day life, it happens in your working lives. You may also read about people’s ‘real lives’ in magazines.

For anyone whose lives have changed and who have moved on, where they have found success, they have done what they needed to do, but even moving on comes at a cost, when they fail to get the recognition they deserve, but it is important to understand that what they have done, may not always change opinion.

Not everyone wakes up and recognises their faults. Not everyone moves on with their lives or opinions, to change their opinions, or how they deal with people. It is important to remember that your healing doesn’t depend on another person’s ability to see your emotional growth. They may never see it.

When it comes to change, time may stand still for others, because of their own lack of acknowledgment and interest, to change their own lives.

26 Oct, 2021

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