Check your motives

Not all of us will make the connections that the motives behind our deeds will have an impact on our future success. We may also not understand that the universe is well aware of our motivates, and that motives play a big part in how well our lives will turn out.

We cannot be one way to fit into our lives with ulterior motives and still expect our lives to work out. Motives must be honourable, we must want to be and give of our best, regardless of our past experiences.

People want to see others care about them not just for what they can offer, but genuinely because they are unconditionally wanted and loved. There is too much hurt out there, because we’re acting selfishly, concerned about what will physically and emotionally profit us.

We may not always consider our actions and may act on impulse. We know what we know, we just don’t stop to think about the consequences. We don’t stop to think about others and what they want, we only think about ourselves.

And although we may consciously continue to ignore our unconscious thoughts through our experiences, the universe isn’t ignoring it, neither must we. Shared history is no reason for us to act out with the wrong motives.

No matter the experience, or the past, the right motives will shape the way our lives work out. We must all want to do better.

24 Feb, 2020

4 thoughts on “Check your motives

  1. Yes, this is something I have had to work on recently, seeing as I have made some very questionable choices over the past year that have forced me to check my motives.

    I have always done what was best for others, which is what I was brainwashed into doing as a child. The big difference is that technically I’m an adult now and the choices I make now are what I feel I need to make, with the right motives.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, motives are important. They shape our personalities, and tell other people about us without us having to utter a word.

      Motives can either be the making or breaking of us. Keeping our motives in check means we’ll never have to worry about our ourselves, our deeds or the motive behind our words.

  2. What is on the inside, leads us to do what we do on the outside.

    I agree it’s always best to double check our motives before we act and that seems a sensible way of approaching decisions.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you’re absolutely right. We should perhaps make a point of thinking about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and think about what the consequences might be, then decide if we still need to act.

      I believe thinking about things first is always the best policy. Sadly too many times we act on impulse, or we act on our unconscious thinking.

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