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I’m always looking at how I can adjust my life so that what I do contributes to better health.

This is probably one topic we don’t think much about, but how many of us think about how fast we eat and how damaging that can be? This isn’t something we think about because after all we’re just eating, but eating too fast can be detrimental to our health.

Eating too fast can also lead to various health problems such as weight gain and overeating. I don’t think it’s something we consciously think about, but it does have many implications. Eating too fast can contribute to digestion problems. Experts also agree that eating too fast is linked to overeating. If we also consume food more slowly, we will eat less.

Eating food slowly helps improve digestion, because it allows the stomach to process what we eat. It also means that the food that we chew is broken down into more manageable pieces. Chewing helps saliva do its job properly and takes the burden off our already complex digestive systems.

Eating slowly can help take away stress, because taking time with each mouthful helps bring about more positive emotions. The more positive we are, the less stressed we will be.

Having acid reflux and IBS has made me more aware of how I chew my food and how fast I eat and although it certainly doesn’t help with my problems, I know that not eating slowly will add to my already digestive problems.

Eating should always be a pleasurable experience, but in our hurried lifestyles and eating quickly, we stop ourselves from enjoying what we eat. If we took more time to enjoy what we put on our plates, we would be more likely to pay attention to what we eat rather than the amount we consume. We would also enjoy our food more.

In any event, it’s always good practice to sit down and eat slowly. I know it’s something I will continue to do.

9 May, 2011

8 thoughts on “Chewing & Eating

  1. I am really guilty of this.

    I have been known to have my dinner in 10 minutes or less. Always been a fast eater. Only when my brother and his family are up do I slow down.

    I guess it is the conversation that helps me enjoy the meal when they are there.

    1. Randy I know one or two people who also eat fast. I am pleased that you have no problems with your digestive health. Perhaps it’s a thought for us all to ponder.

  2. I used to eat really quickly and late at night when I was younger, but I think my poor diet then is catching up with me now and I have to be more careful about what and when I eat.

    I am retraining myself to eat smaller portions and I have started using smaller plates so my meals look bigger.

    Having lost a bit of weight when I had flu recently, I am determined to keep it off. I’m going to slow down and eat more thoroughly.

    1. You’ve started very well. The hard part is keeping up with the routine, but I am sure as you have now started you’ll continue. You’re doing good.

  3. Yes, it’s definitely something I need to work on myself, since I have a bad habit of eating very quickly. It comes from my childhood where we had to eat what we could, when we could or else go hungry.

    I’m hoping that as long as I pay attention to how I’m eating, I’ll be able to slow down and possibly lose some weight in the process.

    It would also help in being able to enjoy the food I’m eating while I’m eating it!

    1. What you say is true Randy. You should lose weight. It helps when we enjoy the food we cook. Eating slowly also helps with digestion and better absorption.

      Thanks for posting Randy.

  4. I’ve always eaten slower than everyone else and get full faster so I don’t over eat. I’ve always heard this was good practice. I also tend to enjoy what I’m eating. I agree with you.

    1. It’s definitely good practice not to over eat. It also helps if you enjoy what’s put on your plate. You do both so that’s good Lisa.

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