Child Development

As a child with special needs, I didn’t go through the usual milestones, they didn’t apply to me, but it’s something children deal with and something all parents must help their children with.

It is important children are monitored by their parents to ensure they are growing normally and that they are meeting their developmental milestones, such as crawling, walking and talking.

Checking developmental milestones can be helpful in the early detection of problems. It is usually carried out through local GP services, and later through preschool and school assessments.

If there is a problem, early detection and early intervention can be helpful in minimising the impact on a child’s mental development. Checklists and charts are used as a guide to highlight what is considered normal for a particular age range.

It can also be used to highlight any areas where a child’s milestone may be delayed. When it comes to a child’s development journey all children are unique, so time frames may differ as they reach their developmental milestones.

Each child’s development will differ, but unless a child is struggling to meet his or her milestones, all children will reach theirs at roughly the same time.

9 Jun, 2019

2 thoughts on “Child Development

  1. It would have been nice if both our parents would have paid a lot more attention to both of our needs so we would have had a chance to lead a more normal life.

    There were a few times when my parents paid attention to my issues, like when I needed a CAT scan after a girl tried to crush my skull.

    Unless it was a life or death situation, they didn’t notice. We both grew up in a time when so many kids who needed help fell through the cracks.

    Now they are right on top of things even if the parents aren’t paying attention to their child’s needs which I think is a good thing, within reason.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes it would have been nice, you’re right. You’ve highlighted a couple of things in your response, right on both scores.

      Those were different times and yes we both slipped through the net, but I now know what the alternative would have been around my disability for sure, so I am better with what I got.

      I don’t know whether parents are on top of things with their children. Some parents I was in contact with when my children were in school didn’t know what their children we’re doing, but having also been over-parented I feel that’s worse.

      It is called ‘helicopter parenting’ and it isn’t without its many issues. If I was asked to choose between helicopter parenting or neglect, I would choose neglect because that way I would have at least had a life outside the family.

      I would have been able to plan my own social time and make my own decisions. I didn’t get to do any of those things.

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