Choices and consequences

Experiencing the consequences of our choices, is probably one of the hardest things we will ever do, but it is an effective way of shaping a person’s behaviour and character.

When we choose and make decisions, we acquire skills that shape our lives positively, as long as we continue to practice those skills. The lessons we fail to learn will always have their consequences.

Most of us will go on to learn our lessons, others will fail to learn and will wonder why, but whatever our spiritual lessons, it is important we learn to take responsibility for our choices and any subsequent consequences.

Sometimes not making such good choices paves the way for us to become responsible adults, through our understanding of how and where we could have made better choices. We learn more from our mistakes, more than we do from getting things right.

Life is a learning curve, but with a little thought we should continue to learn to navigate our lives better and make better choices. We must learn that for every choice there is a consequence.

5 Jul, 2016

6 thoughts on “Choices and consequences

  1. I grew up in a world where we were forced to deal with the consequences of our parent’s bad choices. We didn’t have a lot of say in the matter since we were kids and were pretty much just along for the ride.

    They kept making those bad choices and never seemed to learn their lessons. I made quite a few of the same bad choices as they did; mostly because I went with what I knew. People may see the chaos as very dysfunctional, but to me it was what I was used to.

    I felt powerless to change things because I lived at the mercy of other people’s choices. It took me such a long time to figure out that it was okay to make my own choices; to live my life the way I wanted to.

    I realize now that I tried to choose being with what I thought was going to be a safe person, which turned out to be the total opposite. She has tried to make the choices for me that would make my life better, but also worked to her advantage.

    I just went along with it to keep the peace which only serves to make me feel just like I used to, when my parents made all my choices for me. I have had to learn so many lessons the hardest ways possible, so I thought things would be different.

    They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, which I have learned is so very true. I may have consequences to deal with, but it’s how I handle them now versus the way I used to, which will make the biggest difference of all!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, as children we tend to go with what we know, until we learn how to change things. Usually either through us hitting rock bottom, or understanding our life in good time and earlier enough not to get sucked in the ‘dysfunctional world’ you describe.

      I’m not sure at exactly what age I began to see and change things for myself. It must have been when I left home in my mid 20’s that I began to take stock.

      I agree with the quote you’ve highlighted Randy. It’s insane to think we continue to do the same things day in day out, without taking stock. We’re not always too keen to be where we are, but spend a life in denial, until such a time we can no longer ignore the facts.

  2. I use intuition and my gut feelings to help isolate a solution to make the best choice possible. But if I make the wrong choice, I get to improve a little more every single day. So, since grey areas exist in every choice we make we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves.

    Part of life is about making bad choices, yet there are consequences if we fail to learn from them.

    1. I absolutely love your response Tim. When we use our intuition and our gut to isolate certain issues or situations, I think we’re almost there. I think without using our intuition or gut, it’s harder for us to make the right choice and invariably we will fail to improve.

      With our gut we just know. I believe we need to bring understanding into our lives first, before we come to understand how to make good choices. Understand life, we will understand more than our choices.

  3. All our choices and decisions have consequences; some good and some bad, but we can learn from all of them.

    The worst decisions are the ones we fail to learn from.

    1. Thanks. Yes I agree we can learn from all our decisions, bad, good and some of our worst decisions. I’m not sure we stand back long enough to take stock. We’ve usually blamed someone other than ourselves on some of our worst decisions, because we don’t want to take responsibility.

      Our decisions, our consequences, unless of course the decision comes from someone else.

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