Choosing to be moral

As long as we know right from wrong and have a conscience, we will follow a moral compass. Without basic rules surrounding morality, there will always be chaos in our homes and in our lives.

We’re not all moral, but we can choose to be moral. It’s all a question of how we choose to relate and behave towards other people and in society. We must want to care about others and ourselves. We must want to have empathy, compassion and tolerance. We must want to follow and incorporate moral tolerance.

We need to strive to understand how our conscience plays its part in our moral compass. If the conscience alerts us to something that it knows is wrong, we can and should choose to change our behaviour. It is our conscience that challenges us to change how we see other people and how moral we will choose to be.  

6 Aug, 2016

4 thoughts on “Choosing to be moral

  1. If there was but one quality that we should all strive for it should be morality, for everything else stems from this.

    We all know right from wrong and we all have a conscience. Unfortunately there are many external influences such as peer pressure; greed; religion; politics and culture that combine to undermine our basic morals and make us behave despicably to one another.

    I agree with you that we have the ability to be moral and that is our choice, whether we make it our choice is up to us.

    1. Thank you, yes I agree. It’s a shame that the external influences you mention, which could make us better people don’t.

      Unfortunately, we tend to put religion first above all else; and have become less moral in the process.

  2. I discovered at an early age that some people inherently lack morality, I noticed it in pre-school. Something sinister is in us from the beginning and if we have to be taught morality, then we shouldn’t claim our superiority as a race.

    And I will not drink from the religion well, it makes you both blind and obedient at the same time; what’s moral about that?

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, we come to know who is moral and who isn’t, whether it’s a family member, a friend or someone in society.

      Unfortunately, religion can make us both blind and obedient until we learn to understand our lives, take control and take what we need from it. However much we practice, we must always use morality.

      We tend to forget once religion takes a hold.

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