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With something like autism it’s not always easy to find a resolution, to clear your mind. We may all start off with good intentions to find a resolve, but finding a resolve isn’t easy either.

Meditation helps you clear your mind; it’s a practice that has been going on for centuries, both in spiritual and religious traditions all over the world. It can have profound effects on your health. If done regularly the benefits can last a lifetime.

A five-minute meditation exercise that helps with concentration, means you will begin to notice benefits in your consciousness after only three weeks.

There are many concentration exercises out there but the most simple concentration exercise is one where you concentrate on a smaller object. Close your eyes and continue to shift your focus and concentration so that it’s just you and the object.

Clear your mind and allow your thoughts to wander so that you can start to visualise. It could be a small object like a flower. Imagine that you and the flower are the only things that exist, let everything else just fall away from you.

A clear mind allows you to be quiet and calm so you’re not disturbed by negative thought patterns. A quiet mind will also help you absorb more information, particularly helpful if you’re a writer, or you’re studying.

6 Aug, 2020

2 thoughts on “Clear your mind

  1. This is a timely blog with so much negativity around the pandemic we should all take better care of our mental health and wellbeing.

    I would also advocate turning off our mobile phones and having a break from social media for a short time each day as part of us de-cluttering our minds, relaxing and reducing our stress.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the pandemic has given us even more reason for us to take better care of our mental health and wellbeing.

      There are things as you suggest we should be thinking about. We must be more in tune with ourselves than we have ever been.

      Social media keeps us in touch, particularly important around the pandemic, but we must still think about ourselves.

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