Closure through dreams

Dreams bring to life unresolved issues, thoughts and feelings that we struggle to deal with through our conscious thoughts.

And even if we’re not seeing those as struggles, our unconscious won’t let those thoughts or feelings go until we recognise and deal with them. Dreams can allow us to let go of the guilt, regrets, dreams can even move the story on so that we get to finish the ending ourselves. Dreams help with emotional closure.

They allow us to move on where we couldn’t move on through our waking thoughts. Dreams allow us to tap into our unconscious, so bringing those issues not yet resolved to the forefront. Not only are dreams exaggerated so that we get the point, they offer a solution and plays out an ending in a way that allows us to bring closure.

Dreams help us compensate for the life we didn’t have, for the guilt we’ve had to carry, for the sorry we didn’t get. They right a wrong, where we have been wronged. Dreams bring to light the feelings we have, buried amongst other feelings we thought we’d finished with. They can be a significant tool to help us release the hurt, but we must be prepared to let go.

Dreams can pave the way to a more calm and peaceful life. To interpret is to understand, is to let go, particularly if the same recurring dreams happen. Any recurrent thoughts not yet deal with, will unconsciously continue to lay dormant. The sad reality is that as we will always continue to carry the thought process unconsciously, until we’ve dealt with it.

Although dreams are symbolic and shouldn’t be taken literally, they are there for the reasons they need to be. We must learn to look for and understand why dreams are shown to us. As long as we remember our dreams, our feelings will be our best guide to interpreting our dreams.

Our dreams are part of us, they show us our life, to a certain degree how to get closure, if we are willing to accept our dreams are part of our past and they can show us a new ending.

26 May, 2017

4 thoughts on “Closure through dreams

  1. I have the strangest dreams most nights and I’m sure I can find the relevance to them.

    I also have a recurring dream too about some exams, having left it too late to revise. I can understand that one too!

    1. Yes, it’s good that you know the significance of yours. I am sure there will be a reason as to why you have so many.

      I believe we can work our dreams out or try to understand the significance of them, even if they’re not so obvious in the beginning. I also believe our dreams act as a guide to how we deal with and move on with our lives, but we have to be prepared to put the work in.

      Sadly, nine times out of ten, we either can’t remember our dreams or just don’t see or understand their significance.

  2. Most of my dreams are confusing, a mixture of two or three scenes in one. My brain is occupied with an array of thoughts, some negative; I’m still thinking about a few of them and cringing.

    Perhaps I should put some distance between me and my worries before I go to bed.

    1. Your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully Tim. Yes, if we managed to sort out our issues before going to bed, we’d rest more comfortably and we’d have better dreams.

      Our dreams in effect stem from our unconscious thoughts. When they’re not resolved our dreams become more vivid.

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