Cognitive dissonance

Have you ever had conflicting thoughts, where you know in your heart you should follow one particular path, but then you’re given, or you hear some news that pulls you in another direction and you end up making a different decision?

It’s only later, when we revisit the situation and we’ve managed to convince ourselves we’ve made the right decision that we question whether the decision we took was the right one.

When we’re confronted with facts that contradict our ideals and values, cognitive dissonance will always make us feel psychologically uncomfortable. It is important we try to reduce cognitive dissonance.

By us making changes to avoid information that is contradictory, we can bridge the gap between any inconsistencies so that we are more in control. We must think about and work through each decision carefully, so that we make ourselves aware of the facts.

It is important we make informed decisions that are right for us. Decision making is hard, even harder when we begin to cast doubt over the decisions we’ve made.

2 Jun, 2019

4 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance

  1. This sounds like what I have been dealing with for a very long time but didn’t quite know what to call it.

    Most of the time when I was growing up, my parents were trying to control what decisions I made and how I was supposed to feel about them.

    This made me completely neurotic about making any decisions, rather than taking the chance of upsetting them, or anyone else. Most of the time I would make the decision that was best for others and not myself.

    It has been one of the major reasons that my life always seemed to go horribly wrong. Now I have to focus on breaking that very bad habit and making the decisions that are best for me and my own life.

    1. Yes, thanks Randy. The good thing is you understand your life now and now you understand you can choose to make different decisions, decisions that are best for you.

      It’s sad when any parent fails to support and nurture their children, but and these are my experiences, we learn so much more through our challenges and struggles.

      I wouldn’t be without them now.

  2. I don’t think this has affected my decisions making. I tend to reach a view and rarely have conflicting beliefs before making that decision.

    Increasingly I have learned to stand back and weigh up a situation but I am rarely conflicted to any great degree.

    As you say making informed decisions is the key and better not to make a decision in haste, or an ill informed decision.

    1. You’re lucky. In the early years never having had to make a decision I struggled with this, but I soon learned the art of making decisions.

      Yes, standing back and weighing up what’s in front of us is also a good way to reach a decision without any conflict.

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