Coming through trauma

Coming through trauma isn’t easy, particularly if we’re in denial and the tapes we recall aren’t the tapes we should be recalling. Denial changes the way we see and come through trauma.

Trauma usually happens when we experience severe emotional or mental distress caused by an experience, or if our experiences are allowed to continue over a period of years, or even decades. The longer traumatic experiences happen, the harder it is to move away from those experiences. Trauma can take the form of neglect, mental and emotional abuse, and physical abuse.

But however we experience trauma, we may not always be mentally ready to tackle it. When it comes to trauma that has been allowed to happen from those close to us, we may pretend that what happened, didn’t happen, that it happened to a prototype of us and that means we may fail to deal with trauma.

Coming through trauma means we have dealt with our trauma. It needs to happen if we are to live a more peaceful life. It requires us to reinvest and reinvent ourselves in a way that helps us move forward. It also requires us to rewrite our sense of self, so that we may include victimisation, so that we don’t stay a victim.

To do that we need to start believing in our worth, in ourselves. But no matter what our trauma looks like, or what our experiences are, we are all worthy of a life beyond trauma and are capable of coming through it.

10 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Coming through trauma

  1. I have read that trauma essentially disassociates us from ourselves and that recovery depends on that reconnection. As you say that involves a self-reinvestment.

    As enormously difficult as it is to work through trauma, and as you have shown through your blog, we all deserve a life without painful memories of traumatic experiences.

    1. Thank you. Yes, self-reinvestment is important if we are to work and come through trauma.

      We can still function living with trauma, but there will always be an element of struggle, unless we work through our trauma.

      Having done it, I know it can be done, but we have to want to.

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