Conditional love

We say we love and yet the love we give is often conditional. Generally, we don’t do something for nothing, we do something to have something back in return and yet the love we have for our pets is completely unconditional and is reciprocated ten-fold.

We know what unconditional love is, we’re all capable of it, but it must be unconditional. An animal’s love is unconditional. They are not governed by what happened to them, by their moods, by what was said or wasn’t said. They are also not spiteful, vindictive, or judgmental.

Animals live in the moment, approaching every opportunity uniquely and renewed. They share their love. Unless an animal has experienced abuse, they live in the moment, approaching every opportunity as if it were their first. For those of us who have experienced abuse, we will go on to form the strongest bond with our pets, because we are more open to what unconditional love means.

Whatever life throws at us, we continue to draw strength from our pets. We express how we feel through looking after them and in return they bring us comfort, and make us feel better. When our relationships lose heart, the love of our pet is guaranteed. That never waivers. We must love unconditionally.

The world would be a happier place to live in if we were to take note of how our pets’ conduct their lives and replicate that with each other in our own lives.

26 Feb, 2017

4 thoughts on “Conditional love

  1. There were always conditions for me to receive any love as a child, which wasn’t right or fair. Most parents have unconditional love for their children, but then there are those who don’t understand what that means.

    My parents were very immature, to the point where they shouldn’t have ever had children; seeing as they could barely take care of themselves. This is why I’m such a firm believer that people who choose not to have children knowing they aren’t capable, is a blessing.

    It’s far too easy to produce a child, but being a good parent is a whole different matter. There were only two people I loved unconditionally, one being my daughter and the other I lost touch with after the Ice Storm of 98!

    Needless to say, there were always conditions for giving and receiving love that were very unhealthy. I was forced to be what I call the dancing monkey, trying so desperately to get my mother’s love and attention.

    The only problem was that she only gave it when she felt like it, so most of the time I was invisible. It’s no wonder that I have chosen the same type of women to get involved with, even though I should have known better.

    My cat is a prime example seeing as she’ll be all lovey-dovey one second and bite you the next. At least with her I know this and it’s pretty obvious, whereas with the women I have been with, they always seemed to conceal their true nature until it was too late!

    Therefore, all I ever knew was conditional love, which isn’t how things are supposed to be, but usually are. There are so many examples in the world like supermodel being with an ugly billionaire, which makes it pretty obvious what that’s about.

    Love isn’t supposed to be like a reward for what you have done for the other person, especially when you feel like you’re forced to do so in exchange. People put so many conditions on what they call love, which is ridiculous.

    All you have to do is watch a few TV commercials to see it, like if you buy this car or have the right job or perfect looks, then everybody will love you.

    The biggest problem is that you can have all of that stuff and still not have the kind of love you want, which is unconditional. I haven’t experienced a lot in my own life, but it would be really nice for a change.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes what you describe is ‘fitting in’ and how many of us really do fit in? I didn’t fit into the mould either, because I wasn’t born perfect and some people had a difficulty with that.

      As you say and you give an example, a supermodel would fit into anyone’s life. They’re completely perfect in everyone’s eyes. But all love should be unconditional. We should want others to fit in, be a part of our lives.

      The problem people have is with themselves. People may also give without saying what they expect from us, but it often comes through a price.

      Through unspoken words and us reading between the lines, we are aware of what they expect from us.

    1. Thanks Tim. I love this. Yes, but first we must leet them help us, for us to receive their love.

      For some that part is difficult.

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