Consciously connecting

Perhaps we need to consciously connect, to rethink our thoughts, particularly where it involves our past, because without our past in check, we will come to emotionally struggle in our present.

It’s only in times when we face uncertainty or when something happens, that the cracks begin to surface on the things we haven’t yet dealt with. Until we take stock of our issues, we will always face cracks and uncertainties further down the line.

Living with uncertainties will always make us feel emotionally out of sorts. It may be a general feeling of unease, malaise, a specific issue from the present, or an event from the past that isn’t resolved, but with any conflicting emotions that haven’t been cleared, emotional uncertainties on how we move forward will always surface. They’re usually lurking somewhere beneath our conscious thinking.

For us to heal, we must consciously think about where we are emotionally and deal with those issues. How we get to that place is inconsequential. It just matters that we come through the other end.

Do we ever quite get there?

I believe we do, but there will always be others who have a tendency, to bring us down, even when we’ve brought ourselves back up. Sometimes our issues aren’t always about us, particularly when we know we’ve already dealt with them.

Where others make their issues ours, perhaps they need to do a conscious rethink so that their issues don’t involve us.

27 Nov, 2016

4 thoughts on “Consciously connecting

  1. Thinking about what we deal with and whether we should address them must be a good thing, but I guess lots of people either don’t want to face their issues or don’t accept they have them in the first place.

    I think we all have issues that are better addressed.

    1. Thanks. You’re absolutely right, issues are better addressed. From my own experience, it’s so important.

      Addressing issues, past or present, not only helps us emotionally and physically, but also helps us cope better and that allows for peace in our lives.

      Dealing with issues also helps us feel and be inspired, helps with communication. Not only allows for personal and spiritual growth, but allows our relationships to grow also.

      It’s easy to see how annoyed others get when they ignore their issues, because they’re not happy people to be around and that we’re at the end of their irritability or annoyance.

  2. I found a way to forgive myself after I misplaced myself for a period of time; it made me wonder where the hell had I gone.

    So I consciously connected with myself and methodically change my world, one day at a time. Ironically though, that first day began with The CP Diary.

    1. You’re a good guy Tim. Don’t mistake how you are with how other people are. Others’ mistreating of you, has nothing to do with you and how you see yourself.

      I hate it when that happens, because we still have to go through the process. Unfortunately, we tend to carry other people’s guilt as our own, as if we’re to blame. I know that because I’ve done it. You’re no more to blame than I am and I’m certainly not to blame and therefore choose not to carry other people’s guilt.

      Connecting with yourself… ‘that first day began with The CP Diary.’ That makes me smile. Thank you.

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