Coping with life changes

When something big happens that changes our life, it can become life changing; in fact anything that changes how we feel about someone or something. Coping with life changes is something we must all learn to do.

But any form of change can take its toll on our mental health. It’s easy for us to become fixated on events that we have no control over. If we stand back and look at the bigger picture, we will find we have some control.

Check in with your feelings so that you pinpoint any problems, so that you can make positive choices and set new goals. Focus on and practice self-compassion, and positive self-reflection.

How you see and what you feel about yourself, will always make a difference to your relationships and how you will cope when situations arise. Lifestyle also plays a part in how we will cope.

Allow for physical wellness and emotional health, and you will cope much better through those life changes.

11 Jul, 2019

2 thoughts on “Coping with life changes

  1. No one ever showed us how to do this. It’s no wonder I’ve had such a hard time dealing with life changes. There were always so many changes going on that were forced upon us, so we had very little control over our own lives.

    After last year, when I was treated badly by my daughter, I realized I had control over my life and decided that I wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore. It wasn’t the way I wanted things to go, but I had the chance to escape so I made that decision.

    I’m not sure of what I’m supposed to do now, but I’m finally in charge of my own life. There are endless possibilities, but I must remember that it is my life in the end.

    1. When you say ‘I did have control over my life’ you absolutely do Randy. Without your parents in your life you have the control.

      You may not have gone on to make the choices you wanted to make and found it difficult to work through those choices, but you have control to make different choices.

      Anything that changes the way we see or do things and brings about a different change can be life changing. It is only when we look back that we see how far we’ve come and how we have adapted to change.

      From my own experiences, going through the process makes us stronger and more determined to change the things we’re not happy with.

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