Correcting attitudes

The uncertainty of what’s currently going on in the UK, in the States and in the wider world, forces us to rethink our mood, our lives, our families and makes what we get to deal with even more uncertain. Where things could change things and us be more supportive, that’s clearly not happening.

On the back of what’s happening, I try not to watch or listen to what’s going on in the news. With yet more uncertainties, I don’t want to hone in on more than I have to deal with. The news has become cringe-worthy. Our environments have changed, our thought processes have changed, our feelings have changed and our relationships with family have also changed.

Politics has sadly defined a new era. It’s in this new era that we have come to learn how other people think and where they are emotionally. When it comes to politics, things are being done for selfish gain, so that a select few get to where they want to be, or so it seems. Politics has changed and consequently people’s attitude towards politics has changed.

Politicians have changed. They don’t understand the task ahead, let alone understand what you and I think and what we get to deal with, how life looks from our side. And for us, we’re emotionally struggling with their decisions. Where politicians could correct their attitudes and make things better, they’re making situations worse; instead of pulling together for the greater good.

Consequently, we’re losing touch with our realities. As a coping mechanism, we’re becoming more distant, reverting to our own inner thoughts to get us by. It is very much every man for himself.

We either sink or swim and that adds to the pressure of everyday life.

14 Oct, 2017

2 thoughts on “Correcting attitudes

  1. I too have stopped watching the news as much as I used to. It’s all bad and quite depressing. I agree with you that we seem to be in a new era of politics.

    We have a Businessman in the White House and the UK is now run by all but the Prime Minister who should be running it and the EU is in chaos.

    Politics has changed and so has our attitude outwards it. There seems to be no trust anymore, you don’t know who or what to believe and where this is all going is very worrying.

    1. Thanks, yes. I agree with everything you’ve said. Only time will tell how things will work out in terms of internal and external politics.

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