Courage & success

Courage isn’t something we’re born with. It’s not something afforded to us, bought or even something we can borrow. It’s an inward behaviour that if honed and nurtured correctly will help us through our lives, through circumstances that aren’t yet determined.

With a positive childhood confidence grows, confidence if used in great measures, equals courage and courage in time should equal success. That just because we don’t start off with confidence, courage or success doesn’t mean we can’t go on to achieve those at a later stage.

I believe we all can. We all have the ability to turn things around, to want to change our lives. I believe that if we want something badly enough, we’ll always find a way.

19 Sep, 2014

6 thoughts on “Courage & success

  1. This is great blog and so true. Many of us spend our lives running away from issues we should confront, but we are too frightened to.

    I believe we all can have the confidence to believe in ourselves and having courage is the first step to achieving that.

  2. I didn’t have courage when I was younger. I didn’t achieve it until I divorced my first husband, then it was just a little bit. I still don’t have enough courage to stand up for myself in times when I need to. I think I’m afraid of hurting others if I do show courage.

    My parents didn’t encourage me; hardly at all. They were more protective of me due to my Diabetes, so I didn’t learn to stand up for myself because they held me back from things. I can’t blame them totally though because I grew up and had a choice.

    They stopped being as protective as I got older in my teens, after I turned 18. Now I am just chicken when it comes to certain things, but courageous at other times.

    1. Thanks Lisa. The way you struggle is probably something we may all have struggled with at some point in our lives… being more courageous in certain circumstances, than others.

      If we turn out a certain way, it’s down to a parent parenting. It’s hard to see people struggle at certain things in their lives. It’s a shame the way parents behave sometimes. I know I could have quite happily parented my children in the same way I had been parented. It would have been easier, but the wrong thing to do for my children.

      I have confidence now, but it came at a cost. A cost to me in my formative years because I struggled without confidence and courage and a cost to my family because when I came through and changed things for myself in my twenties, they had a hard time adapting to my new confidence.

      If both of those attributes has been nurtured, particularly in my childhood, my family and I would have grown through those changes together. Having courage and confidence later in our lives can split families as the process evolves for you and in my own experience.

      There is no doubt in my mind, there can be no excuse for any parent. Nurturing our children and allowing them to become model citizens will only happen when we teach them how to become confident and courageous.

      You should have had that too Lisa, regardless of your problems.

  3. Like Brad, I believe many of us spend way too much time avoiding issues we should confront because fear takes precedence over courage in many situations.

    It also depends on who wears the badge of courage. For some, courage is viewed as something unforgivable, intimidating, even monstrous.

    1. Thanks Tim. Any form of courage is a tackle to be reckoned. Courage is different things to different people of course, depending on what’s on the other side of courage. Before we get to that stage of going forward with courage, we’ve already encountered problems with the mind, talking ourselves into reasons why we can’t go forward with courage.

      A definition of courage: I dare, I endure, am bold, courage to make up the mind. All of these define what courage is. We undefined things as we go along. We will have unconsciously defined courage in a way that stops us from using courage and moving on with our lives.

      As you say Tim (and this is real for many of us) it depends on who is wearing the badge of courage. Courage is different things to most of us… so courage can become unforgivable, can be intimidating and even monstrous.

      Courage should be based on our conscious thoughts so that we change things in that moment and should solely be viewed and used in this way. Finally I believe courage can equal success if we allow ourselves to work through the process, without attaching other thoughts to its meaning.

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