Covid-19, The Vaccine Dilemma

The vaccine was always going to look different for those people who are immunocompromised. It is important for them they understand how the vaccine may work in protecting them and how long they may be protected.

There is also little information out there on what may happen in say 5 to 10 years’ time, for those who have had the vaccine.

A typical vaccine’s development timeline, to research and develop usually takes between 5 and 10 years, sometimes longer. Accelerated time line, between 1 and 2 years. (Source: In the production of a vaccine, scientists gage safety, dosing and immune responses.

The precautionary measures put in place by the UK Government should continue, so that we all continue to remain safe. For those who are high risk, and who have taken the vaccine, they are still vulnerable. They are still vulnerable because precautionary measures have been lifted and you can still catch Covid and Long-Covid with the vaccine.

Also, it is no longer mandatory for people to social distance and wear mask coverings in the UK, apart from public transport in London, although it is advisory everywhere else.

With children going back to school in September and universities reopening their doors in October, without those protections in place, we could again see a rise in Covid-19 cases.

To help those of us who are high risk, we should all continue to take the necessary precautions. Right now, thousands of vulnerable people are trapped in their homes because all measures have been lifted and they cannot safely move about, even if they have had the vaccine.

The more we mask up and social distance, the more protection we can have, the more we can ALL get back into our lives. With the lifting of restrictions, it’s still something we should all continue to do.

25 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Covid-19, The Vaccine Dilemma

  1. People are acting like nothing is going on and that the virus is going away, but that isn’t the case and is so far from the truth.

    There are so many that are still refusing to even get the vaccine. Some are refusing to do the right thing just because somebody is telling them to, even when it could save their own lives and and those they love.

    Cases are increasing here in Maine because of the Delta variant, which is making things worse. I’m praying for the best, but preparing for the worst since it seems like that’s the way things are going.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, the truth is that our lives have change irrevocably and to keep safe we need to continue to keep precautionary measures in place, rather than think the virus is gone.

      Whether anyone is vaccinated or they’re not, they can still catch Covid and Long-Covid. No one is safe or exempt from catching the virus.

      We all have freewill and reasons for not taking the vaccine. There has been confusion around the vaccine. It’s one reason amongst other reasons, why people have decided against it.

      People genuinely do have concerns. That said, precautionary measures need to continue. Social distancing and masking up needs to continue.

      True story. Someone close to me was having a tattoo in Covid and unbeknown to her and her tattoo artist, didn’t know the tattoo artist had Covid, but later divulged that she had. Masks were worn throughout, and neither got Covid.

      The moral to the story is that masks should continue to be worn, regardless of what we’re being told to do. Mask up, sanitise and continue to act with caution.

      Remember to replace masks periodically and social distance where possible. Covid should act as a reminder that we need to remain cautious.

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