Covid Rule Breakers

We have an opportunity to change the world we live in and yet nothing changes. We are living through an unprecedented pandemic and it is clear from the media there are those who are behaving as if life is normal.

The virus is our wake-up call, a lesson for us to change our lives moving forward. We must all do more, or we will find out to our cost that it wasn’t enough for us to think about it, talk about it and not change anything. We’re at a crossroads.

We can change our lives, change our children’s lives and our grandchildren’s lives, or we can continue down the same road, but we will lose out. We’re setting ourselves up to fail. As well as Covid, we still have to address the significant implications of climate change for our planet. These are all worrying times.

Where the government were too slow to take us into lockdown and too quick to bring us out, now people are beginning to doubt the effectiveness and questioning the point of following the second lockdown rules recently imposed here in the UK. Although the government isn’t accepting responsibility, as individuals we must take responsibility for ourselves.

Where social divisions are turning into political disagreements across the north and south divide, common sense must prevail. When we follow the rules, we protect ourselves from becoming another statistic. We’re also following the rules, so those who are high risk are protected, particularly the vulnerable and elderly.

Flouting the rules means we’re putting ourselves, and others at risk. It is so important we work together and be a support for each other. We must come through this pandemic united, so we make the world a safer, a better place for all.

24 Nov, 2020

4 thoughts on “Covid Rule Breakers

  1. Covid-19 rule breakers are a politically motivated band of people who actually believe this virus is a hoax, taking that position has put us all in a deadly situation.

    But with promising vaccines forthcoming, we should see an end to this crisis in the near future. Hope right now is everything to me.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I am also working with hope. I feel it is important we all work together.

      Having a disability means I may not be able to take the vaccine. I do think though that the more people who are able to take the vaccine, the better it will be for those of us who may struggle.

      What I know is that the more we know about the vaccine the more informed choices we can all make. It’s about being responsibility for ourselves.

      Yes, the virus is certainly not a hoax.

  2. In the UK things are slightly different. The rule breakers are less concerned with hoax theories, but more concerned with selfish and irresponsible behaviour which is endangering lives.

    We all have a collective responsibility to act in a way which benefits and protects us all, but there are far too many with a ‘don’t care’ attitude who are intent on breaking the current lockdown and ignoring the rules outside of lockdown.

    I worry about a 3rd wave in January after the Christmas holidays and the inevitable flouting by people of the relaxation, the government has planned.

    1. Yes, I also have concerns about a 3rd wave, but worry more about attitudes, because without those changing there will be little change with Covid.

      We could have been weeks ahead of ourselves by now if as you say, people weren’t flouting the rules. I can see this issue running and running, with even more deaths if we don’t take responsibility now.

      I also think attitudes through governments must change. We must all fundamentally work together if we are to effect positive change moving forward.

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