Covid, we must all change

The virus has turned its mirror on us, showing us exactly who we have become and it’s not bringing the best out in us. We must all change.

We are seeing exactly what the virus really means. With the pandemic in full swing and Brexit looming, both have changed people significantly, and there is now a certain stillness in the air.

The whole Covid thing is becoming extremely stressful, primarily because  some of the decisions being made by the UK government don’t make any sense and because not everyone is taking the virus seriously. Friends and relatives are still risking travelling to see loved ones.

With the UK now in its second lock down, cars should be parked up and they’re not, instead they’re defying the lockdown rules. While out for walks and observing life, it’s absolutely clear that life has gone back to normal for some.

Either those people have been doing it for some time in breach of lockdown rules, or they don’t feel the need to wait as we’re coming out of lockdown on the 2nd December. The reality is the virus is still rising.

Whilst Covid is being handled badly by the Government and the majority of us are abiding by the rules, there are sadly too many who are still not. Independent scientists are reporting that we’re not, with the facts speaking for themselves.

Whilst the virus is still rising, people are falling foul of the disease, and sadly where others are critical in hospital, worst-case scenario many have already died.

30 Nov, 2020

4 thoughts on “Covid, we must all change

  1. People are acting like this isn’t a real thing.

    The biggest problem is that 99% of the people are trying to do the right thing while the 1% is going to end up dooming us because they’re not following the rules; the kind of people who refuse to follow the rules even when it will save their own lives.

    My worst nightmare is that the virus will take out someone that I love like my daughter, but will spare me, when that truly wouldn’t be fair.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re not alone. To lose a loved one to Covid is tragic, even more so when they are following the rules and they get caught up in someone else’s sand storm.

      If Covid is teaching us one thing it’s that we must all follow the rules and work together. This is a global problem, it is vital at this time, we all come together.

  2. My observations of people’s behaviour throughout the pandemic and in the current lockdown in the UK has been alarming, reckless and irresponsible. But when they see our government behaving the same way it’s a case of ‘monkey see monkey do’.

    I believe large-scale social and behavioural changes must follow this global catastrophe and I would hope we have learned that we cannot simply return to how things were and that the world is fundamentally unpredictable. Until we are led by political example I am not optimistic.

    1. My sentiments also. I hope common sense prevails, difficult to see or think that it will, but being optimistic I live in hope that it will. It needs to.

      I also think when you take ego out of the equation the right decisions will be implemented, but all politicians must work together.

      Given we’re in a pandemic politicians could be forgiven for ignorance when they really don’t understand, but not forgiven for making decisions that continue to cause harm and death to people under their watch.

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