Covid_19, our responsibility

New cases of Covid_19 are cropping up near to where I live. Adjoining districts have gone back into lockdown and I am still home.

Let’s talk about the reality. Unless everyone is responsible and starts to wear a mask in public, the virus will continue to rise and more people who are high risk for Covid will continue to have to isolate just so they stay safe. People are dying needlessly. We must do more to protect each other and to save more lives, I cannot stress that strongly enough.

Even with mixed messages coming from Governments, we must be sensible and must continue to social distance and mask up. We must be mindful that without wearing our masks, we are potentially spreading the virus even more.

Just pick up a newspaper, switch on the t.v. or go on to social media and you will learn that is exactly what is happening. We must take charge and be responsible so that we may reduce Covid and save lives.

We must stay in control and take responsibility. Covid_19 is all our responsibilities. New Zealand have shown that with good practices Covid can be reduced.

10 Aug, 2020

4 thoughts on “Covid_19, our responsibility

  1. There is something about not wearing masks that runs deeper than not wearing masks, I just can’t put my finger on it.

    But it’s very obvious that we’re incapable of having a unified coherent response to something that is sucking the air right out of our lungs. We should be very nervous about that.

    1. Tim, you’ve just put out the universal truth and no one can argue with the truth. The universal truth is just that.

      But where you say, ‘there is something about not wearing masks that runs deeper than not wearing masks, I believe we’re looking at ignorance.

      Whilst I will always see the good in people, when it comes to life and death scenarios, which is what Covid_19 is, ignoring the facts and going about covid as if nothing is wrong, has to be ignorance.

      People are dying in their droves, but no matter the governments handling, we must use our common sense. Independent scientists have outlined their concerns with the coronavirus, and have asked us to mask up. Thinking it’ll be okay and it won’t happen to us, means it will happen. Covid_19 doesn’t distinguish.

      It is out there, it’s killing us; it is up to us to continue to act vigilantly. Yes, We must continue to protect ourselves and mask up.

      We must also continue to mask up in all public places, and when family and friends come to visit in our homes. We must mask up, when we live with someone who has potentially been exposed to the virus.

  2. I was alarmed to see on tonight’s news that New Zealand has gone back into a limited lockdown due to a number of new Covid_19 cases. Over recent weeks the country had pretty much returned to normal.

    We must all accept that only through a change in behaviour will be be able to live relatively safely with this deadly virus. It is not going away and our successful interaction with it, is our collective responsibility.

    1. You’re last paragraph holds true. It is our collective responsibility to help bring the virus down.

      Masks will save your life and other people’s lives too. Please work on the analogy that ‘My mask protects you, your mask protects me.’

      Please MASK UP.

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