CP & seizures

I’ve never mentioned this to any one before, primarily because it’s taken me a lot of years to actually work out, recognise and understand what’s been happening to me.

A couple of nights ago it finally dawned on me that for all of these years I may have been dealing with seizures. I know that abnormalities in the brain cause seizures and because I have Cerebral Palsy I am sure this is what they are.

I’m just wondering now if there’s anyone out there who has Cerebral Palsy, who also deals with seizures. I’d love to hear from you.

3 Jul, 2014

4 thoughts on “CP & seizures

  1. I don’t have CP but I know a child that has and has seizure activity. He is on medication for seizures and it works well for him. The only side effect, he has that I know of is weight gain.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I feel for him. Living with seizures isn’t easy, however mild or severe they are. I really hope he’s okay.

  2. My daughter has had to deal with seizures since she was 3, but thankfully they have been able to stabilize her with meds and a medical device! (vagus nerve stimulator, which is something fairly new I guess?)

    It was very hard to watch her going through them, when there wasn’t much we could do to help her. I think what you were having was petit mal seizures, which is more minor,which would actually be better.

    Hopefully you don’t have them very often as I would imagine they could be scary to go through!

    1. Thanks Randy. Because mine don’t last long they’re fine. It must be hard for your daughter because she’s had them since 3 years old. It’s probably not something you ever get used to but is something to be endured.

      I hope her meds continue to work for her. It must have been so hard for her at 3 years old. She was only a child.

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