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As a child not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy, I lived in the hope that with exercise my problems would somehow miraculously disappear and whatever I had, would right itself if I persevered long enough.

How wrong I was. There is no cure. All I can hope for now, is a better quality of life living with the condition and my ability to cope. In general terms, treatment focuses on ways for those with the condition to maintain and improve their quality of life and overall health. I have always been aware of the need to look at my lifestyle and being born premature meant that would inevitably become an even bigger priority.

For someone who is born full term and lives with Cerebral Palsy, means they don’t have the added complications of a baby born with Cerebral Palsy who is born prematurely. That said, I believe it is important for everyone living with the condition to look at their lifestyle so they find ways to increase their quality of life.

Given that in my formative years I was considered as normal as the next child, my life now is far from normal. Living with Cerebral Palsy means my central nervous system is affected and although I don’t have difficulties with eating or swallowing, I do have digestive problems including Reflux and IBS, made worse because I have Cerebral Palsy and more complications due to brain damage.

Even if they’re not doing it now, I still believe anyone living with Cerebral Palsy will have to at some point consider their lifestyle as they age, because they deal with a condition that isn’t without its complications.

The scary part is not knowing how we will age and what further complications we will have to deal with, which is why it’s even more important for us to concentrate on our healthier lifestyle sooner, rather than later.

It’s important for us all to follow a healthier lifestyle, no matter what we deal with.

11 Nov, 2014

2 thoughts on “CP & Lifestyle

  1. I agree with you; we all need to live a healthy lifestyle, especially people that are having to deal with things like CP, diabetes and others.

    My daughter was born 3 weeks early according to the doctors tests, but according to my dates she was maybe a week early. She had many problems after birth like low blood sugar, too many red blood cells and SVT (supraventricular tachycardia, her heart rate went up to 260).

    Sometimes I wonder if her problems at birth are related to the problems she is having now. She could have had CP easily. She was halfway in the birth canal and I had a C-section. They had to pull her up to get her out, but anyway I digress!

    No matter what we have, we all need to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is good for just about any health concern and a healthy diet is almost a must.

    1. Thanks Lisa. All too often things are missed at birth and it’s probably too late for you to find out now. It’s not right or fair, but you may never know now.

      I don’t imagine anyone will disagree with the fact that we all need to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m not sure in reality how many really do. In my own case I’d have chronic health issues by now and would struggle without living a healthier lifestyle.

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