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Over the years, I have had very little understanding of my digestive problems (neither have my doctors) and what I’ve had to deal with.

I have just this weekend been informed that a definitive review in 2012 of 70 individual research papers, has concluded that due to ‘structural abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system’ and therefore ‘neurological abnormalities of digestive system control’ people with cerebral palsy commonly have digestive issues.

The conclusion goes on to say that the most prevalent digestive tract disorders are ‘dysphagia, gastroesophageal reflux disease and constipation, with consequent recurrent respiratory infections and deleterious impact on nutritional status.’

Unfortunately, these fit in with my experiences and make what I deal with that much harder. Armed with this information, my Nutritionist is going to try and target her help and advice.

For those of us who struggle with cerebral palsy and have additional symptoms of this nature, I hope this information helps.

8 Jul, 2013

4 thoughts on “CP research findings

  1. Good information to know. I hope your nutritionist can work something out for you.

    Unfortunately when neuro pathways are involved there’s not much you can do except treat symptoms. It’s a very delicate area.

    One of my son’s foster brothers was born at 24 weeks and has mild CP. He has had a terrible time with his digestion and related areas.

    I’ll inform his mom of what you have found out. Thanks for the information.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think you’re right, which is why I’m working on my diet right now. I have been for quite some time.

      I’m happy to put any information I can out to help others too. When doctors signed me off at 15 and told me I should go and live my life, they really didn’t hear what they said! it’s not so easy to go and live our lives with everything we have to deal with.

      I hope things get easier for your son’s foster brother. I resonate greatly.

  2. I agree this is very good information to know and especially as it has confirmed some of your existing experiences. Hopefully, armed with this you can work with your nutritionist to tackle these specific issues more effectively.

    With your determination and positive attitude I am sure you can.

    1. Thank you. I won’t say I can at this stage, but I’m working on it. With the right mind set there will be more opportunities for that to happen.

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