Creating space for ourselves

My wish for each of us is that we find a way to put space between us and Covid-19. Space is important for our self-care, mental health, and physical wellbeing.

We continue to live in a world of uncertainties and fear; both impact our emotional, and physical health. We need to look at exploring a shift, to create space, so that we can catch our breath.

Fear and uncertainty if not controlled, can also impact on our inner core, which can affect our mental health. It can also have a knock-on effect on our belief system and our outward behaviour. We can’t just hope for a better existence, we need to work at creating a better existence, together with a belief system that unifies us.

In Covid-19 times although it is difficult, it is not impossible for us to do that. It is because we have all the different sources of information to hand that we can co-manage it. If we’re not careful though, it would be easy for every-day stress to tip us over the edge so that we’re dealing with anxious overload.

Learn to stand back so that you’re not engaging with the virus all the time. Be kind to yourself. Sign out of your social media accounts periodically so that you find other things to do. We’re in this for the long-haul. There will be months, if not years of more research, for scientists to fully understand how the vaccines work in conjunction with the virus.

Given the complexities of the virus and how it mutates, it was difficult to achieve that successfully in 10 months, without understanding its complexities. Eighteen months in and we’re hearing and learning about its many side effects, the scientists didn’t know about, at roll out.

It has become our job to be our eyes and ears and the master of our health, so that we stay mentally and emotionally strong and alert. There is no doubt that living with a virus we cannot see, is creating the uncertainty and fear we feel.

22 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Creating space for ourselves

  1. I have come to realise that this terrible virus is not going away and will be with us for many years.

    Many countries are reopening workplaces, schools, and social gatherings and striving to adapt their economies and resume international travel. In the UK pretty much all restrictions on the general public have now been lifted and I am fearful of another lockdown this winter as a consequence.

    That aside I agree with your advice here about making time for ourselves, while we readjust and look after our mental and physical wellbeing.

    The distress and anxiety caused by living in the pandemic is unprecedented. My mother likened it to living in war time.

    1. Thanks. Yes, no matter what we get to deal with, I agree these are unprecedented times.

      War time although difficult was completely different to what we have here. The problem is mistakes are continuing to be made and we are living with the consequences of that.

      I believe time for ourselves is not only important in these unprecedented times, but can contribute to good mental and emotional health, because we ‘get to think about ourselves’ and our own needs.

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