Cultivating Equanimity

Finding calm in our chaotic world isn’t always easy, when we’re compounded by news and decisions taken that are not always in our best interest.

We may live in a state of reactivity, trying to control the very things that control us. Instead of reacting, we need to practice, kindness, love compassion and being open-minded, to face the various waves of change, without us emotionally drowning.

Equanimity, is an eastern Buddhism philosophy based on the experience of acceptance and letting go. It allows us to connect with and accept suffering without attaching or becoming consumed by it. It is crucial we learn not to instinctively react, and keep our mind, heart, and spirit strong.

Equanimity directly teaches us to take the middle path, not to cling or resist things, and to not just let things happen without undue care and attention. When we are able to cultivate equanimity, we learn to acknowledge our emotions instead of letting them get the better of us.

Having control over our emotions, means we will have a clearer mind, helping us to control the ways in which we respond to certain difficulties. When we cultivate equanimity, we learn how to find composure and balance in our everyday lives.

So, make a mental note of what you feel, learn to reflect on your emotions, without judging and let those thoughts pass and then return your focus to your breath. As you continue to repeat the exercise, you learn to notice and reflect default responses, instead of relying on your emotions or habits.

It is important to work through our experiences with coherence and harmony. Equanimity helps you find freedom, no matter what life throws back at you.


11 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Equanimity

  1. Thank you. Yes, we all need to understand and work at cultivating more equanimity. Just imagine how much better the world would be if we did.

    1. Agreed. Not all of us will know what equanimity is, or that it is a Buddhism philosophy based on the experience of acceptance and letting go.

      If more of us were able to accept and let go of our issues, experiences and relationships that leave us in a worse emotional and physical place, the better we would feel and our lives would be.

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