Tips to reduce stress

It doesn’t matter what anyone of us deal with, unless we find ways to reduce stress appropriately, we will always continue to live with stress.

My tips to reduce stress

These are my daily stress buster tips:

  • If you have an issue to deal with, deal with the issue so you get the results you want, but don’t sit on the issue hoping it will go away. Issues never go away until we deal with them;
  • If the issue you have isn’t yours, but an issue someone else has given you; give the issue back;
  • Don’t think about or worry over the things you have no control over, it’s counterproductive. Things usually work out how they’re supposed to and let them go;
  • The worries you have control over deal with those;
  • Don’t sit on the fence afraid you’ll hurt someone’s feelings, there are always ways to explain what you need to say;
  • Trust your intuition, so that you don’t rely on someone else for the answers you need to find yourself. Try to focus on your inner thoughts because it’s those thoughts that will provide the answers you need.

My tips to reduce stress should be used in conjunction with your lifestyle. I hope they work for you as much as they work for me.

21 Jan, 2013

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