Dealing with change

We’re born, we grow and we change. Although change comes from a multitude of places, it’s how we change and come through change that matters.

Change initially comes through school, through peer pressure, through culture and society, primarily because we’re expected to fit in and conform. Moving away from home also changes us. We move away either to become more independent, fulfill our own dream, or go in search of a new life.

A new life will always change our perceptions on the way we see the places we leave behind, as we form new perceptions about our new life and new surroundings. Any move will automatically affect our conscious practices and feelings of where we were and of where we are now.

Although emotionally we will go on to create new thoughts and feelings about our new life, the old memories of how places used to be will still linger, just as we pave out our new path. It is our past and present that brings us to new relationships and a new path.

But a new path if not handled correctly, can lead us into animosity and anxiety. Navigating new thoughts around new people, different cultures and a new lifestyle, can potentially be stressful.

14 Jun, 2017

4 thoughts on “Dealing with change

  1. I’ve changed, after dealing with a little more wrath than I should have. But as a rule, we change because the wind changes and another set of seasons break through.

    But if our eyes are vacant we’ll never see change coming.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it’s often through necessity as you say. Not to have to put up with other people’s nonsense. But as you say unless we see what it is we need to see and we’re comfortable with what we see, we will sadly never change.

      I would rather deal with change, than stagnate and not reach my full potential.

  2. If we faced change positively through role models when we’re young I suspect we would be a whole lot better about it, as adults.

    My generation were pretty rubbish about change and rarely saw the need to explore new horizons. The world seems a small place nowadays and I’m glad our children are experiences many of the things we didn’t.

    1. I think you’re right and yes we would. Being given the right upbringing definitely allows us to pave the way for positive change, if we choose change of course. What I find sad is that even through the generations, some parents still don’t get it right.

      Even if we’re not sure and haven’t had the opportunities, we must put that right for our children. It irritates me when parents say, ‘we don’t go to school to learn how to parent’ and although that is true, there is no excuse.

      The success stories are parents who haven’t had themselves and yet they work hard to emotionally change their children’s lives. It’s not all about the money. It’s about love, support, guidance and us wanting to care.

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