Dealing with flu

It’s that time of year again and flu, but if you’re like me and you’re more susceptible to colds because of what you physically deal with, the following remedies should help you deal with the virus effectively.


Is an all-round wonder remedy? Studies show that Echinacea contains active substances that help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and have antioxidant and hormonal antiviral properties. It is particularly effective in fighting flu and cold viruses. When taken at the first sign of a cold, Echinacea will help reduce the severity and length of the illness and will continue to help reduce the number of symptoms.


It’s so important to continue to drink fluids when you’re dealing with flu. Not only do drinking fluids help improve discomfort associated with the flu, not drinking just adds to more dehydration because we tend to lose fluid through a mucous build up and sweating from the fever. It’s easy to forget to drink when we have the flu, but it is important to drink.

Liquid elderberry extract

Also, known as Sambucol, liquid elderberry extract helps fights flu directly. Studies have shown that taking liquid elderberry after the first signs of flu symptoms can significantly reduce the severity and length of the flu. The compounds in the extract help boost the immunity and therefore stop the flu virus from sticking to sells, so the virus is removed from the body faster.


Gargling is renowned for and is a good way to tackle throat ailments, from a painful to swallow throat to a ticklish throat. Any form of gargling will help reduce symptoms through disinfecting throat membranes and moistening a dry sore throat. Gargling with salt water is the most popular form of gargling and is the most effective.

Balancing the ears 

Unfortunately, blocked and sore ears are a common theme of the flu as fluid builds up in the middle ear from mucous.  Pinching your nose very gently whilst blowing air into your nose for the count of 10 then letting go of your nose and repeating during the duration of the flu should keep the fluid moving, reducing secondary ear or sinus infections. It will also make you feel more comfortable.

Blow your nose

The most obvious thing, but we fail to blow our nose for making our nose sore, given that we’re constantly dealing with mucous. A way round that is to gently pinch one side of your nose and blow out from the other slowly, then repeat the process the other side. This is a more effective way of keeping soreness to a minimum. Be very gentle as not to cause ear pain.

9 Nov, 2015

4 thoughts on “Dealing with flu

  1. Sound advice and some interesting suggestions, for those of us who don’t live in California or the south of France. I sometimes use Vitamin C, as I find that generally helps maintain a healthy immune system too.

    1. Thanks. Yes Vitamin C also helps boost our immunity and helps in keeping us well through the winter months.

      It can be used alongside Echinacea or taken on its own. Both remedies are only for short term use; the potency of Vitamin C can be increased when we’re fighting infection.

  2. I was speaking with my 80 year old mum today who is just getting over a cold, which has left her with a lingering cough and suggested some of these ideas to her.

    She is going to look into some of the supplements you advise, so thank you for the suggestions.

    1. Thank you. I tend to run away from flu. It’s the nursing myself better I find hard and always try to go the holistic route if I can.

      I agree with the concept that we heal from the inside out and that falls into line with holistic practises. I’m so pleased you found my flu blog helpful and that your mum’s looking at one or two options from the blog to get rid of her cough.

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