Dealing with issues

We can never have enough tips on how to deal with stress, brought about by some of the issues we have to deal with. It’s important to understand what works and stick with the winning formula.

I use the following to reduce stressful issues:

Stand back

You need to be looking at the whole picture. When we stand back we allow ourselves to think about the whole issue instead of panicking, making the wrong decisions or making no decisions at all.

Slow down

Periodically try to spend time where you’re literally not rushing, or thinking about what you’re next move is going to be. Learn to pace yourself so you have more time to think, which means less time worrying about the things that have the potential to get bigger and cause you more stress. Learn to like your own company, you’ll be amazed how much more at peace you’ll feel.

Deal with your issues

We constantly fail to deal with or tackle our issues, leaving them on the back burner for another time. It could be that you’re dealing with someone else’s issue of course, but if it’s your issue learn to deal with it. Learning to deal with any issue starts with recognition first. It’s important to recognise our issue.

Learn to talk

Say what’s on your mind. It’s important not to bottle feelings up. Communication is the first step to wellness, to our emotional and physical wellbeing. When we learn to communicate, we help create an altogether more harmonious environment that automatically takes away some of that stress.

Incorporating some or all of these tips into our lives, will help reduce issues that can lead to stressful situations.

30 Oct, 2015

2 thoughts on “Dealing with issues

    1. Thank you. Yes it can seem like that, but unfortunately that’s not it.

      Unfortunately when someone presses our buttons, we’re already agitated, but aren’t fully consciously aware that we are. If we were, we’d deal with those circumstances so differently. That’s how it works.

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